Monday, August 19, 2019

Turn in your Gun Comrade!

The Washington Post recently decided to honor every victim of mass shootings in the past 54 years by printing their names in the paper. Yet that number was only 1,196. Now, I’m not belittling the victims’ memories, but if this number is correct, guns are the safest things to own besides socks.
Tens of thousands die every year from opioids, car crashes, work accidents and more. Yet we didn’t hear a peep about opioids until the Trump administration went to war against them.

So if guns are responsible for such a low number (not counting regular crime statistics and suicides), why is the left pearl-clutching and screaming anti-gun? Simple: It has nothing to do with mass shootings, victims or crime. It has to do with the American-citizen gun owner.

If the left disarms citizens, it’s easier to control them. Hitler disarmed the Jews, Stalin disarmed Soviet citizens, and now they want to disarm you. An armed citizen is dangerous to a tyrannical government; he or she keeps it in check. An armed citizen can defend him- or herself. Just look at Hong Kong and Venezuela. Let us learn from history and current events. Don’t be a sheep.

(I write letters for the Washington Times, I copy published ones over)

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