Saturday, August 24, 2019

Climate Hoax

From the 1970s to now climate change has gone through an identity crisis, it’s been labeled global cooling to global warming and now climate change.

Truth is, the narrative changes because the real truth is this isn’t man made but natural. However, in order for more government control the books have to be cooked and manipulated, i.e 2009 when climatologists from the University of East Anglia, including some from NASA, were caught falsifying data to promote warmer climate. It’s been documented arctic sea ice is growing not melting, the polar bear population has grown as well. Gov funded organizations worldwide have promoted global warning based on 97% of scientists agree, that number is actually 43% from the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. We’ve only recently in our history have documented climate and forecasted weather, there has always been catastrophic weather phenomena. These are documented facts not fantasy.

Lastly everyone speaks of renewable energy, but I’ll give you an example of environmental devastation all of us with electric cars, cell phones, computers, etc who are unwittingly a part of. A lithium mine along with nickel destroy huge acres of environment, while something like fracking only take up less than an acre.

I’m a millennial, not a boomer or gen x, and with what we know today fossil fuels combined with today’s technology are cheaper, cleaner, and will always be superior presently. With what we know about climate change, we do not have to go completely cow free and mud hut to curb something that isn’t that alarming.

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