Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Term Limits, the new Guillotine

Here in lies where the disconnect is in our current government. We have gone from a government for the people by the people, to a French Aristocracy.

Most of the members in congress no matter the political affiliation have made a career out of the easiest job our country has to offer. They have settled in cushy positions, lining their pockets with lobbyist money, ignoring the everyday citizen. They have become American aristocrats, turning their noses up at you because they have money and power, while you have none.

Furthermore, these people who none of us should respect or hold in high regard, want to further restrict your freedom if it means continued lining of their pockets and more terms in the future. Our founders knew that a government that fears its people will in turn keep the promise of liberty. Our government no longer fears its people, but look on them as peasants, sheep that will blindly vote for the same aristocrat.

The American Revolution was the resounding alarm to monarchs to fear its people, the violent French Revolution followed. An example of what happens to aristocrats who continue to step on the citizen. In our nation today these aristocrats need to be ousted with term limits, a gentler form than a guillotine. Politics should never be a career, only a means to serve the people temporarily.

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