Friday, January 19, 2018

Low information voters are Sheep

    On Tuesday, it seemed that many voters in the state of Alabama lost their critical thinking skills. Many couldn't put two and two together and add up the number of times the Democratic party committed deception tactics before. I was amazed at the amount of zombie followers who decided to once again to take the mainstream news media as gospel and condemn a man on false accusations. 
     Ever since the modern Democratic party became the party of Socialism they adopted the Saul Alinsky rules for how radicals can win with no platform. Alinsky said it best, that when you are losing always bring up racism, sexual harassment, misogyny, and sexism. 
With the help of the left leaning mainstream media, the Democratic party and the establishment GOP planted a story in (the many time discredited) Washington Post, and before you knew it, the lie went half way around the world before the truth even came out that the accusations were false. How can you believe a sexual harassment story when it comes out a month before the election? When it never was out when Roy Moore was elected Judge all those years? The same sleazy tactics that happened to Herman Cain and to Donald Trump, all later proven false allegations. 
     So what happened Alabama? Did you loose your critical thinking skills? Did you fail to do the research on your own with independent sources? Did you fail to realize the establishment media has zero journalistic integrity? Did you trust a fake social media story instead of figuring the truth out for yourself? The modern Democratic party isn't the party of Kennedy or even Bill Clinton anymore. They have turned into socialist radicals that want to fundamentally change this country for the worse. 

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