Monday, October 2, 2017

To the NFL from an Angry Combat Veteran

I understand fully if you want to protest, I understand fully if you want to protest the President of the United States, but only in your off time. When the players take the field they are on the clock working for a paycheck. As someone with a real job, I can’t ignore the rules of my employer whenever I feel like it or to protest something stupid. Especially when that stupidity means taking a knee during the presentation of the flag and the anthem of the United States. Disrespecting the Nation that gave all of you jackasses the opportunities to play a game for a living, disrespecting the Nation that gives you the opportunity to become millionaires doing menial tasks, to whine and complain, while real Americans have to work hard to get a fraction of what you assholes get. When you kneel you disrespect the men and women who died protecting your right to be dumbasses, when you kneel you show the former fans what a bunch of whiny rich assholes you truly are. Stop disrespecting our Nation and it’s flag. 

Signed a former Falcons / NFL Fan, 

Go to Hell

P.S: Me and others I know suffer from brain injuries from real trauma. None of us have wanted to kill anyone or drive our cars into a wall. Take your woe is me attitudes, shove them up your asses and play football. Thats all we want to see. Take your millions and use it to see a neurologist. It isn’t like you idiots can’t afford healthcare. 

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