Sunday, February 12, 2017

Anti American Radicals

The first three weeks of the Donald Trump administration has shown us how anti American the traitorous left truly is. From the violent riots on inauguration day to the democrat party meltdown, they have revealed that the only thing liberals today are radicals.

Radicals who violently attack a Jewish, gay, conservative and his supporters invited to speak at a University. Radicals who put on vagina hats, and are led by a Sharia supporting Islamic woman. Radicals who use violence, burn, and loot to fight against what they say is fascism. Truth is the true fascists are the violent leftists.

The leftists have tried to destroy this Presidency even before it began. With the help of the propaganda lame stream media they shouted illegitimate, the Russians did it, and Hillary won the popular vote. The truth is there is not one shred of evidence the Russians hacked anything. There is, however, tons of evidence that illegals voted and voter fraud was committed.

The media and the ignorant left love to point out that Hillary won the popular vote and ignore that the popular vote only counts as a booby prize. They forget because their candidate lost that the Electoral College is what matters. The propaganda media lose credibility every day because they continually report fake news on purpose. They report it to undermine the Trump administration, then apologize when it is too late. Their target is the worthless and stupid among us, the uneducated leftist who will believe any lie told to them by the liberal media. Who are too dumb and lazy to do any research into the truth themselves.

No matter what this administration does in the next four years the leftist propaganda media will continue to lie. It is up to the truly educated, the real Americans, the Patriots to fight against this state media anyway possible to spread the truth. 

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