Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Last Betrayal

With the Obama administration packing up, as it is now 11:16 AM CST the 19th of January, 2017, I'd thought I share my thoughts during the last hours of our traitor in chief.

With his false promises of a peaceful transition to power, once again Obama and his administration have done anything but. Trying desperately to pin a fake allegation of Russian hacking on Donald Trump. Betraying our allies, mainly Israel, by abstaining from a critical vote in the UN by another anti American, Samantha Powers. Commuting the sentence of traitor Chelsea Manning and terrorist Oscar Rivera. Then finally, sending troops to the Russian border to try and provoke Putin into a conflict. All of this done in the last month.

Instead of being a real President and helping the incoming one, Barack Hussein Obama does what losing enemies have done for thousands of years, scorch the earth behind them to make the job of advancing armies harder. The man with all his scandals, hatred of the rule of law, hatred of law enforcement, job destroying policies, and arrogance has divided this nation like never before. Fortunately he only has less than twenty four hours left to betray us one last time.

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  1. Looks like his final betrayal was actually costing us Flynn, looks like the whole deal was a shady set-up. Sneaky li'l shit didn't go quietly after all.

    Also I have a feeling he released Oscar on purpose, to teach a new generation of FALNs and Weathermen bombmaking.

    Meanwhile ignored his own constituents and betrayed THEM one last time as well, by not releasing Leonard Peltier. Some gratitude for you!

    (I got curious as a result of that and read up on him btw, one shootout vs 130 bombs, talk about your blatant favouritism. Seems like everyone, even the victims' families want the ol' injun out. Even the FBI report on it mentions it looks like the original sentencing judge, having lost prosecuting the case against his accomplices threw the book at'im to make an example of him. It's a pretty interesting case, surprised no one ever made a movie about it, got all the right ingredients, witness bribery, corruption, an incompetent defense lawyer, confusion over the killing shot... Guaranteed globe right here!)