Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dear Black People

Slavery ended 152 years ago, get over it. No one you knew was or is a slave.

Stop using slavery as a crutch.

Stop using the civil rights movement as a crutch. The movement was great and needed to happen. However this is the 21st century and everyone is now equal under the law.

Just because we had a black President, doesn't mean we can't criticize him.

You do not own the word Nigger, it's the same as calling us Cracker or Honky. Equality in hate words. Don't use them.

Read Uncle Tom's cabin. Uncle Tom was the hero of Stowe's novel. Therefore every black conservative you have called Uncle Tom is a hero according to you.

If black lives mattered so much, than where is the outrage for a fallen black police officer or fallen kid killed in the inner cities?

A gang doesn't make you dope, it makes you stupid.

Not everything is racism, learn the difference between racism and criticism.

If you are black and live in America today, you haven't suffered. If you want to talk about suffering ask the Jewish people.

If you pull a gun out at a police officer they will shoot you. Same if any white person did.

Let black conservatives have an equal voice, maybe if you'd listen to them life would get better.

White privilege isn't a thing. Affirmative action is a thing though.

Democrats started the KKK movement and want to keep you on the inner city plantations to control you. Just ask Barack Obama, he wrote a chapter about it in his book. If you want two sides to the story, ask a black conservative why he or she left the Democrat plantation.

Law Enforcement isn't out to get you.

This goes for any race, if you have a child, then that child is your responsibility. Be an adult and give it a male role model.

You do not need to burn, loot a neighborhood or city just because you didn't get your way or failed to do the research.

Smoking, joking, and blaming whitey doesn't get you anywhere in life.

Whitey isn't out to get you.

White guilt exists only in liberal snowflakes. The rest of us don't have it.

Blacks can be racist too. Any race can be racist against another.

Blacks and Whites can be friends and many are.

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