Monday, December 19, 2016

Obama/Hillary Mess

Like bad employees who leave the office with more work to do, the Obama Administration leaves the country and the world a complete mess for someone else to clean up. Eight years of bad foreign policy and decisions that only Satan would approve of have all led to a gigantic mess.

What started this foreign policy mess was Hillary Clinton. Hillary, you remember (with the blessings of Obama) destabilized North Africa and the Middle East by encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS back, and Al Qaeda-backed Arab Spring. The Arab Spring that led Libya in ruins, Egypt almost turned radical, a fearful Israel, and a terror-stricken Iraq and Syria.

This tidal wave of poor decision making and idiotic foreign policy led ultimately to Aleppo. The US backed Syrian rebels (Al Qaeda terrorists) and the Syrian Army. Syrian leader Assad was ultimately slated for execution like Hillary did to Gaddafi, through Syrian back terrorist rebels. However, Assad wasn't going to back down and his Army was more loyal and better trained. Assad also had the intelligence to call on Russia for help. Thus the remnants of the Obama administration's failed, Hillary led foreign policy has culminated in the assassination of a Russian Ambassador. 

With all these poor decisions the past eight years, it seems President Donald J. Trump will have his work cut out for him and his administration. Just remember though who created the mess we are in now. Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

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