Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Drain the Swamp

The election of anti-Establishment candidate Donald J. Trump has thrown not only the media in a meltdown but, the corrupt Washington D.C establishment as well. So what does, the media and the establishment do when they are in meltdown mode? They lie and fabricate stories, much like they did during the election.

The lies are starting out as you've been duped! Donald Trump is going back on his promises! Obamacare stays, and no wall is being built. Such nonsense from a mainstream media that was killed the night of November 8th. He's not even President yet and the media is already trying to destroy him by using the same tactics that got him elected. We've woken up. So to the mainstream media, I disrespectfully say from the bottom of my heart. Go to Hell.

By winning the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch means the establishment Democrats are no longer in power and it terrifies them. Before the age of Trump, it didn't matter who was elected. Republican or Democrat, each one would extend the olive branch to bring all establishments together. Donald Trump isn't doing any of that.

First off the leftist radicals, A.K.A the Democrat Party lost everything. By losing everything it means you no longer have a say or power in anything government, does. Donald J. Trump has zero patience for you just as much as the American people have zero patience for you. To the fascists such as Senator Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senator Liz Warren (Pocahontas). I disrespectfully say from the bottom of my heart. Go to Hell.

The establishment types like Senator John McCain, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Senator Mitch McConnell think they have a say in this administration. Donald Trump has already shown them they don't by firing establishment lawyers, and previous establishment administrators. Your time of unity and come together of establishments by screwing the American people is at an end. I disrespectfully say to you from the bottom of my heart. Go to Hell.

It will take awhile to drain the swamp. Just like it took awhile for King Louis the XVI and his Queen Marie Antoinette's heads to be guillotined. It will take just as long or longer for establishment heads to be guillotined as well.

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