Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One against the World

Make no mistake, this election was never about Republican vs Democrat. It is about America vs Globalism. That was never plainly more obvious than it was on Sunday night's Presidential debate.

I could talk about Donald Trump's tapes, but there is nothing there that faults him as a candidate. It only showed him as a flawed human being like we all are and he has shown his repentance. To add further on the tapes, it shows how strong of a man he truly is. Any two faced Republican establishment candidate would have caved in a long time ago, apologized, been on the defensive, and begged the Democrats for mercy.

The Democrats were expecting Donald Trump to cave and beg them for mercy, but what happened was the opposite. It created more support for Trump and created a wave of backlash against the Democratic and Republican establishment regimes. It proved how weak and spineless the likes of GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senator John McCain are. It showed the same Republican establishment that snatches defeat from the jaws of victory every single election. But not this time.

Donald Trump stood firm and unleashed the dragon on Sunday night. Showing the low information world for literally the first time how corrupt and vile Hillary Rodham Clinton is. Showing the world how vile her husband former President and draft dodger Bill "Rapist" Clinton is. People want to say, "This isn't about Bill.", but I say, "Oh yes it is.". You want Hillary and you get Bill too. It is a packaged deal. Donald doubled down on the offensive by not only fighting Hillary but also having to fight off the paid Democratic moderators as well.

It was one of the most satisfying debates since Reagan one can remember. It was the first time since Reagan that we didn't have a sniveling, little, coward representing us as our candidate for President. We actually had a leader on the stage and the leftists were terrified. Terrified so much that they continue to press the now irrelevant Trump tapes, the stupid argument that he his Hitler, and continue to feed the false racist narratives. They do that because they have nothing else. The Hillary campaign has zero facts, zero policies, and zero heart for this country. They are built on lies, deceit, and corruption.

With the help of real-time journalism on social media and the good works of Wikileaks under the helm of Julian Assange, the world is waking up to the corrupt, criminal, and power hungry Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It is truly Donald Trump against the world of leftist globalism.

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