Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton: America's Pablo Escobar

Hillary Clinton, when people speak her name they throw out words that the leftist mainstream media has put in our heads. Stateswoman, Senator, First Lady, Secretary of State, the list of titles go on and on, but what of her accomplishments. What exactly has this woman accomplished.? For her accomplishments, I bestow upon her the title of Godmother.

Like the Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Hillary Clinton is almost similar to him. Both had those who spoke out against them put to death, both had corrupt government officials in places of power during the exact times their crimes were outed to the citizens, and both gained favor through corruption.

Pablo Escobar, however, was not a politician. I can even say with one hundred percent certainty Pablo had a much more respectable station in life as a drug lord than, politician. Escobar used his corruption and power to go as far as assassinating government officials, police officers, and even a Presidential candidate during the 1989 Columbian Presidential race. Eventually, Pablo was brought down with the help of the George H.W Bush administration, the Columbian government, and the DEA.

Hillary Clinton is the lowest of the low. Worse than a drug lord she is a politician, and a sick sadistic one at that. This woman craves power. Power, that she thinks is owed to her. Power, that she believes is rightfully hers. I'm convinced she had Justice Scalia assassinated through either her own hitmen or through the thugs of the corrupt Obama administration. So she would have the power to put in place the corrupt justices that she wanted. Make no mistake this woman will destroy the powers of the constitution and reign down tyranny through a corrupt justice system. Her thirst for power is that unquenchable. She will bypass congress on any legislation and in turn use her corrupt dogs through the leftist media and in her administration to do exactly as she wants. We have seen this in a mild form through the corrupt Obama administration. The reason Hillary Clinton was not indicted is due to the corruption of James Comey's connection to the Clinton Foundation and Loretta Lynch's connection to the Clintons through acquiring her station in life. 

We have already witnessed the crimes and murders committed by her loyal lieutenants in the Clinton Mafia.

Hillary Clinton disclosed classified information while Secretary of State on a private server and to persons that had no clearance to read such classified documents. She violated Federal Law U.S. Code § 798. 

Hillary Clinton knowingly sold weapons to terrorist organizations while as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton committed perjury on leftist news networks numerous times after FBI Director James Comey laid out her crimes for the world to see.

Hillary Clinton, with the help of her staff, and the DNC committed election fraud in the Democratic primary. Stealing the election from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton are currently under FBI investigation. The charge that they stole funds from their charity the Clinton Foundation for personal use.

The latest of her crimes is that of being an accessory to murder. The murders of now six individuals in connection with leaking evidence of Hillary corruption.

The victims.

Seth Rich: Operations director for voter expansion at the DNC.

Shawn Lucas: An attorney working to expose the DNC fraud case.

Victor Thorn: Had written extensively on the Clintons and their scandals. He was reportedly working on a new book and had top secret emails that would damage Clinton.

John Ashe: Was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and the Democrat Party.

Joe Montano: A close aide to Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, died on July 25, the day the DNC opened.

Vincent Fleck: Son of Hillary's doctor Daniel Fleck. Found dead 24 hours after releasing her medical records to the public.

Everyone who has worked with Hillary, setting up her illegal servers, worked in the Clinton Foundation, and anything else this corrupt woman has done in her life has pleaded the fifth when taking the witness stand in congressional hearings. They know, as well as the general public that if they speak out that they will soon be dead.

Hillary Clinton and Pablo Escobar could have very well been brother and sister. They certainly are both corrupt, murderous criminals. The only difference is one reigned terror upon Columbia through drugs and violence, and the other is aiming to reign terror through the government that is supposed to be for the people by the people.

Make no mistake. Hillary Clinton is America's Pablo Escobar.

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