Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tim Kaine 2016

Every Democrat who votes this year for Hillary Clinton is actually voting for Senator Tim Kaine. Even in the increasingly unlikely event that Clinton wins in November, she will not be President very long.

Hillary Clinton has committed a number of crimes that have been brought to light this year by investigative journalist and email leaks. The evidence is staggering, and out there for anyone to research. If she becomes President then Congress will immediately start impeachment hearings. There is too much damning evidence against Hillary Clinton for her to remain President. She is an unindicted felon who will be prosecuted eventually. Therefore Tim Kaine will be the President of the United States for most of Hillary's term.

The other likely scenario is that her health will give out. In the last few weeks we have had medical records, documentation, video, and photographic evidence leaked that Hillary Clinton is in extremely poor health. It is very plausible that the stress of the Presidency will do her in. It is also very plausible that she might not make it even to inauguration day depending on the severity of her health issues. Again Tim Kaine becomes President.

With the amassing legal and health issues piling up against Hillary daily; we all know that Tim Kaine is no fool for accepting the Vice Presidency.

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