Monday, August 22, 2016

Nukes Nukes Nukes

Seems like the leftist love to scream out, "What if Donald Trump has his finger on the nuclear button?". With an angry man like Donald Trump (as the news media likes to portray falsely), he could start World War 3 because he was in a bad mood.

That is the false, idiotic, narrative the Never Trump morons, and the lamestream media want to portray to you. That the President of the United States has that much power over our nuclear capability. Fact is, the President doesn't.

First let me explain how a nuclear strike works. We use our nuclear capability for defense only. We do not go around in a war room (like the leftist would have you think) and pick countries to nuke. Only the really stupid and uninformed think that.

Crystal Palace (NORAD the North American Aerospace Defense Command) picks up a possible nuclear strike incoming. NORAD is in direct contact with the President no matter where the President is. Mostly, in direct contact with Obama on the golf course. Once the situation is explained the President uses nuclear codes (that are changed daily) to retaliate. NORAD issues missilers in underground launch silos, bombers, and anything else with nuclear capability their orders. Nuclear strikes are dependent on two keys by each missilier, sailor, etc. Those two keys have to be turned simultaneously to launch the missile as a fail safe system.

What you probably don't know (because the lamestream media isn't going to tell you) is that there is a fail safe measure for any President who wants to nuke anything just because. If a President wants to launch a nuclear strike first then the White House Sergeant at Arms, Secretary of Defense on down to the Joint Chiefs, NORAD, etc have the ability to step in and stop that order.

So the leftist and idiotic Never Trumpers yelling "Nukes!, Trump has nukes!" is another desperate attack on a candidate (who just like every other past President) will only use nuclear defense as a last measure. Have some commonsense and critical thinking skills before you join the lemmings using nukes as an excuse.

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  1. Thank you for clearing that up for me. It's good to know that a president can't unilaterally order a nuke strike. My only worry at this point is that in a fit of pique at the world for insufficient fawning, Obama will nuke strike somebody and as usual everyone in the US government will be too afraid of being called a racist to do anything but say "yes, your high and mightiness." But I'm a seasoned pessimist, so don't' mind me.