Sunday, August 7, 2016

Khan the Con

Khizr Khan and his involvement at the disastrous freak show in Philadelphia a few weeks ago is what the news media has been ravenously holding on to.  Why have they been holding on to it like a baby to the teat? Because in their small world of make believe it shows poor Khizr Khan being ridiculed by big bad Donald Trump for having a sensible plan to pause Muslim immigration. However if you peel back the layers of facts you can clearly see how Khizr Khan is a con man and did it for his own self interests.

Khizr Khan used the death of his son as political fodder to support the unindicted felon Hillary Rodham Clinton who supports open borders. Khan received nothing but praise for being brave, and whatnot from the lame stream, biased media as well as the low information voters.  However only a week before the same lame stream media, the DNC, known criminal Hillary Clinton, and the low information voters blasted Pat Smith for speaking the truth at the RNC. Pat Smith lost her son. Her son's death was different than Khan's son though. Her son's death was caused by Hillary during the terrorist attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi.

But we all know how bias the media is. They couldn't tell the truth even if their lives depended on it. So the hypocrisy flowed, and maintained it's mission of protecting the unindicted felon Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Now you are probably asking me what does this have to do with Khan being a con man? It has everything to do with it. Khizr Khan had his own Muslim immigration website that showed bias towards Federal Immigration Law. A website that supported Hillary's open border policy. He worked at the same law firm that Hillary did long ago. His law firm was paid in excess of three hundred and sixty thousand dollars after his speech at the DNC. Khan is also a big believer in Sharia law, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and believes firmly that radical Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

Khan lost his son in the Iraq war, but because his son was a Muslim the media is now focusing on his son like he was the only casualty in the war. I lost many of my friends in that war. Khizr Khan does not deserve or warrant the attention that he is getting. He is a con man.

Pat Smith is just a mom who lost her son too. Was paid nothing to come up and speak and was ridiculed by the vile, radical leftist media machine. The sad hypocrisy of the media, the DNC, and the ignorant uninformed voters know no bounds.

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