Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hillary is Losing

Democratic nominee (by fraud and corruption through the DNC) Hillary Rodham Clinton is losing the election. However, you wouldn't know it if you were watching the mainstream media. The mainstream media reporters (who all attended the Joseph Goebbels school of journalism) are doing their very best to keep Hillary Clinton afloat.

The Clinton News Network's (CNN) very own Chris Cuomo even said on air, and I quote "We are doing everything we can to help Hillary.". If you rely on false reporting from ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, the New York Times, any other major newspaper, and Fox News. Then you would think the sky is falling and Hillary will be President. That is far from the truth.

Reuters was involved recently in a scandal where it was blatant that their polling was fabricated. Just as it is with all the other major networks including Fox News. In all the polling conducted there is a stronger democratic or leftist demographic presence in all the data. This type of polling falsely puts any Democratic candidate ahead. That is why the old ways of media polling can never be trusted.

If you log on to Facebook, Twitter, or other news media pages with online polling you will notice a different trend altogether. Where Trump is ahead by a considerable margin. The truth is as I said, Hillary is losing. She hasn't had past one thousand people attend any of her rallies in months. The only rally where she drew up to seven thousand was because Obama attended it. She has only done one major speech and that was during the DNC.

Donald Trump, on the other hand has made major speeches that detail his policies. His rally attendance is always in the thousands, and thousands more who are waiting to get in. He travels around the country campaigning daily. All races, religions, and creeds are turning out for Donald Trump. It's proof is shown on social media daily. The only place you wouldn't know it is if you watched the mainstream news.

Hillary is weak, Hillary has been proven sick, Hillary is corrupt,  Hillary is another four more years of Obama. Nobody (except globalist puppet masters) want a weak, sick, corrupt, flag bearer of four more years of failed Obama policies. Democrats (like Republicans were in 2012) aren't interested in the election this year. They aren't interested in Hillary Clinton. They do not want Hillary Clinton. They will not turn out for Hillary Clinton.  If the media wasn't there for Hillary she would be drowning now. The only ones who want Hillary are the ones the American people are fighting against.

Make no mistake the only support Hillary has is the left and right wing establishments and the mainstream news media.

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