Friday, August 12, 2016


When people hear the name of the controversial figure Julian Assange they have different adjectives for him. Traitor, hero, villain, anarchist, the list goes on and on. My adjective for him today is patriot.

When I first heard of Julian Assange my adjective for him was that of enemy. Years ago I was angry at him, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden. Angry at the three of them for leaking classified information that quite possibly injured or killed my fellow service members. The information definitely put them in more danger. Presently however, my opinion of Assange has changed. My opinion of Manning and Snowden have stayed the same and I will get into that later in this article of why.

Julian Assange is a patriot because he has seen and experienced first hand how a nation can turn from freedom to one of oppression. Although not an American he has done more good for the American citizen than any of the so called journalists who work for the propaganda, mainstream, Soviet style news media outlets.

Since the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 we have seen a slow change in European and American mainstream media outlets. The once great bastions of free press became nothing more than Soviet style churners of propaganda. Since 2009 scandals to criminal acts committed by the corrupt Obama administration have been swept under the rug and ignored by the propaganda outlets. Mainstream investigative journalism under the Obama regime was officially dead.

The only real investigative journalism we saw in this vacuum of free press was from internet news sources dismissed by the Soviet media and Assange's website wikileaks. Wikileaks (especially this year) has been almost solely responsible for putting a wrench in the plans of the tyrannical globalist western leadership. From the Trans Pacific Partnership nightmare, the NSA, to Turkey's dictator Erodgan. Now, Assange has set his sights on one of the most dangerous leaders to enter the arena in our lifetime; Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is a proven criminal and enemy to the United States of America. She has committed the crimes of treason, charity violations, perjury, illegal weapons deals, election fraud, and even murder, or that of accessory to murder. We know this from the help of Julian Assange.

Hillary Clinton disclosed classified information while Secretary of State on a private server and to persons that had no clearance to read such classified documents. She violated Federal Law U.S. Code § 798. This is the same law that Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden violated. Snowden who is in exile, and Manning who is in prison violated the same law as Hillary Clinton who is running for President. As a former service member who had a Top Secret clearance. I understand how vital it is to protect classified information for the safety and security of the United States. All three of these people violated their clearances, and all three should be held accountable. The reason I do not hold Assange at fault is because he isn't an American citizen nor ever held a security clearance.

Hillary Clinton knowingly sold weapons to terrorist organizations while as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton committed perjury on Soviet networks numerous times after Director James Comey laid out her crimes for the world to see.

Hillary Clinton, with the help of her staff, and the DNC committed election fraud in the Democratic primary. Stealing the election from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton are currently under FBI investigation. The charge that they stole funds from their charity the Clinton Foundation for personal use.

The latest of her crimes is that of being an accessory to murder. The murders of now six individuals.

The victims.

Seth Rich: Operations director for voter expansion at the DNC.

Shawn Lucas: An attorney working to expose the DNC fraud case.

Victor Thorn: Had written extensively on the Clintons and their scandals. He was reportedly working on a new book and had top secret emails that would damage Clinton.

John Ashe: Was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and the Democrat Party.

Joe Montano: A close aide to Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, died on July 25, the day the DNC opened.

Vincent Fleck: Son of the Clinton's doctor Daniel Fleck. Found dead 24 hours after releasing her medical records to the public.

Our Soviet style mainstream news media want us to think these are all coincidences. But any fool can see they are not.

Clinton wants a seventh victim. That of Julian Assange. Jilian Assange the patriot, and one of the last true investigative journalist uncovering the truth of government tyranny.

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