Sunday, July 24, 2016

Twitter Tips against Paid Leftist Trolls

Since Twitter has allowed an increase of  Radical Leftist Nazi (RLNs) trolls to continue Jack's (Twitter CEO) support of Hillary and the Democratic Party hate machine.  I thought I would write some tips on how to immediately spot one to block him, her, or it.

One of your big red flags is the lack of an icon or picture in the profile. Like this one for example.

Many paid trolls or RLNs lack the commonsense to make their main page look like a real account. Also notice the number of followers compared to tweets he, she, or it has.

Notice 834 tweets to only 11 followers, and trolling 32 people. That is a big red flag of a paid troll or RLN. Remember that these people are like the ones you encounter at protests are paid agitators. However these paid agitators are mostly fat, lazy people living with their parents who take pleasure in pissing you off no matter the circumstances.  

Remember their goal is to disrupt you and suppress the opinion or news you are trying to send out. That is what they are paid to do. They don't care about the facts you give them. They don't care about who you are or what you've done. They are just paid to disrupt you and are successful when you let them make you mad. 

So do your blood pressure a favor, just block them. Because in the end like the radical leftists they are they don't matter.

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