Friday, July 15, 2016

Trump/Pence 2016 will beat Crooked Hillary Clinton in November by Gabrielle Seunagal

Mere hours ago, Republican nominee, Donald Trump announced that Indiana Governor, Mike Pence would be his running mate and Vice Presidential candidate.

Trump Pence 2016 is a phenomenal ticket and will win this election. Donald Trump is a world renowned businessman, television personality star and author. He was the host of NBC's The Apprentice and has employed tens of thousands of people from all different ethnicities and backgrounds. Mike Pence is the 50th governor of the state of Indiana. He has legal, policy, and small business experience. The accomplishments of these fine gentlemen vastly outweigh those of Democratic nominee, Crooked Hillary Clinton.

While Trump and Pence have a history of success, achievements, and positive actions, Crooked Hillary Clinton has a history of lies, scandals, and crimes that go back decades.

We all know of the infamous email scandal. Crooked Hillary blatantly violated the law by using a private email account and server during her time as Secretary of State. FBI Director James Comey described her actions as "extremely careless."

But that's not even the tip of the iceburg. In 1975, Crooked Hillary viciously attacked a 12 year old rape victim in court. She accused this poor girl of being "emotionally unstable" and claimed that she had the tendency to "seek out older men" and "fantasize." The rapist Crooked Hillary defended was Thomas Alfred Taylor. There was DNA evidence of the victim's blood mixed with Taylor's semen on his underwear. The girl was raped so violently that she was unable to have children. Neither one of these facts stopped Crooked Hillary from laughing about the awareness of her client's guilt in the 1980s.

Contrast that with Donald Trump who provided shelter to singer, Jennifer Hudson when three of her family members were murdered. He allowed her to stay at the Trump Tower free of charge and provided security to her family members. Clearly the behavior of a good Samaritan.

Donald Trump has created jobs all across America. Crooked Hillary has threatened to put Americans out of work. Donald Trump has a clear plan to eviscerate ISIS and end terrorism. Crooked Hillary wants to increase the number of potential terrorists in this country.

The choice is clear. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for a safe country, more jobs, lower taxes, less government spending, and strong leadership. A vote for Crooked Hillary is a vote for poverty, dead Americans, the destruction of the Constitution, terrorism, and higher taxes.

The polls already show that Trump and Clinton are tied nationally...and this is with Trump doing very few attack ads and Crooked Hillary doing plenty. Make no mistake, folks: Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Trump and Pence will absolutely decimate Crooked Hillary.

I guarantee you.

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  1. Agreed. The amount of money the Hillary campaign has spent dwarf's Trumps (he's barely spent a dime). When his campaign starts to run their ads, she's in deep trouble and Trump and Pence will emerge the victors!