Sunday, July 31, 2016


Warning, the following language will be sure to trigger white, guilt ridden liberals, and anyone with black lives matters.

Whenever a black person tells me I need to give them reparations for the evils of slavery I make sure to laugh in their face and walk away. The definition of reparations by Webster's is the giving of something to make amends. The way me and millions of others see it is we have nothing to make amends of.  Reparations my friend is another way of saying "Hey, give me free stuff."

Since the creation of the United States and it's institution of slavery there was always a political party of free blacks and whites who were abolitionists against it. Abolitionists never really had a political voice until the party of free men and women everywhere came into being. That party was the Republican Party. The Republican Party with the leadership of Abraham Lincoln took head on the subject of slavery and finally abolished it once and for all. Since 1865 when the American Civil War ended there hasn't been and will never be again any black person enslaved in America. A war that took over half a million lives to once and for all end the question of slavery. So I ask you. Why should I give you any reparations?

During the American Civil War there were many free blacks who joined the Confederacy under their free will to fight for it. Many free blacks owned plantations, and black slaves all across the south. So again I ask you.Why should I give you any reparations?

When the Klu Klux Klan was created by the Democratic party under the leadership of former Democratic delegate and Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest it killed not only free blacks, but also over one thousand white Republicans defending the freedom and rights of blacks. So I ask you again. Why should I give you any reparations?

The Jewish people in Europe were nearly wiped out by Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 40s. Over six million of them were slaughtered in concentration camps. What happened to them was thousands of times more horrifying than anything your ancestors went through. Do they ask Germans for reparations? No, instead they created the nation of Israel and rose up through the ashes. So again I will ask you. Why should I give you any reparations?

The truth is none of you, your parents, your grandparents, and so on have been slaves. Asking a white person for reparations is like a family of a long deceased US World War II veteran asking the family of a Japanese World War II veteran for money because he killed that family's ancestor. Sorry I have zero white guilt, nor am I responsible for what my ancestors did.

Sadly though many of you sit there and still blame whitey for your short comings. If you are not successful, if you are not educated, if you are not wealthy then you blame whitey instead of blaming yourselves. What is worse is that you lash out and yell "Uncle Toms" to many successful educated black people around you. Mainly because, again you want to blame somebody other than yourself for your faults.

As I said at the beginning, reparations are nothing more than another free handout. Sorry, but the gravy train of white guilt is over. It's time to stop blaming whitey, and time to look in the mirror. Why not use the opportunity of this nation, and it's freedoms to make something of yourselves instead of blaming everyone else around you.

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