Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Never Trumpers I'm Disappointed

The Never Trump movement was never really a movement, but in fact a bunch of whiny self righteous status quo types. These are the types who remembered the good old days of Reagan, and wouldn't rest until they got their perfect candidate. In turn however, because of these self righteous zealots they have lied, and fabricated the truth just as much as the leftist media has to try and get their way.

The movement was started by many GOP establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) media types as well as libertarians. The establishment types hate Donald Trump because he is an outsider who threatened the liberal Republicans stuck on their high horses in Washington D.C. Liberals such as Speaker Paul Ryan who said, "Donald Trump is not my kind of conservative.". No, he isn't Speaker Ryan. Your kind of conservative Speaker Ryan is not a conservative at all, but a liberal.

The libertarian side isn't much better either. Hard libertarians like Glenn Beck wanted Senator Ted Cruz. My other articles speak of the insanity train Beck went on during the Cruz campaign so I won't sit here and repeat myself. Libertarians are almost as bad as leftists when it comes to any sort of compromise. It's either dig up Reagan, or find someone exactly like him.

However the movement died last night during the formal nomination of Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee for President of the United States. But instead of uniting, the Never Trumpers are still trying to do all they can to remain divisive. Here is why I am disappointed in Never Trumpers and the candidates they supported.

The establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and others like Senator Ted Cruz refuse to support the Republican nominee even though every candidate in the first primary debate said they would support the nominee even if it was Donald Trump. Trump at first refused to raise his hand because he knew that some of the others wouldn't support him, and he was right. Those who do not support the nominee lied that night on stage.

The Never Trumpers throughout the primaries told Trump voters I will not abandon my principles, I will not abandon who I am as a Christian, blah, blah, blah. Well I have the same principles you have, and I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. However, in their warped minds because I support Donald Trump there is no way I can be a Christian or have principles. I must of skipped that part in the book of Ted in the Bible.

Here is my question to you who refuse to support the nominee Donald Trump. Do you want someone in office who will put America first, and be the closest thing to your principles? Or do you want someone who holds none of your values, beliefs, or principles like Hillary Clinton? Because friends if you stay home on November 8th you might as well slap an I love Hillary bumper sticker on your car.

Think about it. Because you being a sore loser still sulking on election day isn't going to help America. The only thing it will help is destroy it. So yes all you Never Trumpers I am extremely disappointed in you.

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