Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Useful Idiots

During the totalitarian tyranny of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union he had what he called his "Useful Idiots". These were the poor, uneducated, indoctrinated by propaganda leftist masses that did his bidding without even knowing it.

To truly make a communist state, Stalin had to use these useful idiots to silence the masses who spoke out against him and his regime. These useful leftist idiots formed gangs, used violence, murder, and rape to frighten the people into submission. They committed theft, started riots, used arson to terrorize. These idiots were used to his advantage to complete a total communist state for Joseph Stalin. Once these idiots were no longer useful he murdered millions of them in camps and through executions.

Today we have the same sort of useful idiots being used by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. These supporters are a mix of illegal and leftist agitators who have the same background as Stalin's useful idiots had. They are uneducated, ignorant,  and woefully stupid of history. These are people who can tell you about the fictional Game of Thrones fantasy geography, but have zero clue on any real geography of the United States. Being brainwashed by a leftist controlled media who continues to keep them stupid.

History repeats itself with the useful idiots rallying behind socialist/communist ideals. The same ideals that left Eastern Europe in ruins, the same ideals that have destroyed Venezuela. These uneducated, low information voters have never lived in a totalitarian regime. They have enjoyed freedoms and opportunities never dreamed of by their ancestors. Yet these useful idiots want to throw that all away. Bernie Sanders (the modern day Lenin) may be a socialist moderate, but he surrounds himself with radicals who want a totalitarian regime. Lenin was a moderate compared to Stalin. Stalin went from mentor to teacher and took over once Lenin was gone.

Make no mistake both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want a Government controlled state. To control the people and push leftist agendas that will be punishable by imprisonment if they are spoken out by the masses. To take their rights away like a theft in the night. With their lighters ready they seek to burn the United States Constitution. Their useful idiots all the more eager to help them.

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