Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Polls! Polls! Polls!

Love how the news media and stupid people are fixated on polls. It's hilarious to me to see how every news outlet from CNN, Salon, Bloomberg, MSNBC, FoxNews, etc have their own polls. All with different results. With each result considered truth from the media.

So how is a poll created? What happens is a pollster (lets say for example from CNN) goes out into the streets of Atlanta and asks one thousand different people what they think about a certain subject. The poll is created that day or week and then spewed by news anchors as the definite truth. The poll then comes on to the screen and those one thousand people are your reference to what millions of Americans think.

 It's absolutely ridiculous when you think about it. You mean to tell me that by polling one thousand people that is what the millions of Americans think or truly want. To you and me that is absurd, but for the low information leftist, the poll is gospel.

Low information voters are the crowd that the leftist media is after. To a low information voter all they need is a poll and they know how to vote or what to believe. That is what the leftist media counts on. That is their bread and butter. The poll is a powerful tool. The poll swings the stupid and ignorant into the sheep pen.

This month is a great example of how polls are worthless. Eight leftist leaning news sources had polls with Hillary ahead of Trump by 3 to 13 points. Other right leaning and balanced news sources had Trump ahead by almost the same margin. Again one thousand people determine what millions of people think.

The recent Brexit vote is a perfect modern day example of how polls are worthless. Most newspaper and BBC polls had the Remain voters fully convinced that Britain was to stay in the EU. Even UKIP leader Nigel Farage was convinced by the polling data with the trickle of votes coming in that they had lost. That night proved the polls were dead wrong as the people voted to leave.

So I ask you. Why do you trust polls? Why do you listen to the pollsters? Polls are absolutely worthless and often wrong.

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