Sunday, June 12, 2016

Police Officers in America are Wonderful by Gabrielle Seunagal

I love the police officers of America. They are amazing people. They do not get enough credit for putting their lives on the line to protect people that they don't even know. Police officers are true Patriots.

It troubles me to see police officers being unjustly demonized by the Black Lives Matter cult and by liberals. These people falsely paint police officers as awful murderers who execute African-Americans, purely because of race. This could not be further from the truth. According to Peter Moskos, an assistant at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York, white Americans are 1.7% more likely than black Americans to die at the hands of police officers. This shatters the false notion that police officers are these evil racists who slaughter people of color.

Police officers protect society from criminals. In doing this, they have the right to make judgement calls and defend themselves. If someone points a gun (real or not) at an officer, that officer is well within his/her rights to release fire. It is not their job to "check" to see whether or not the gun is real or loaded. If you don't want to be shot by a police officer, then you probably shouldn't point a gun at them. Just a rule of thumb.

People who vilify police officers are very misguided and anti-American. If it were not for police officers, rapists, murderers, and madmen would run amuck. Without police officers, people would be free to destroy homes and businesses, rob banks, sell drugs, and molest children. Before we vilify our police officers, we need to remember that they are the ones protecting us from evil. The least we can do is show a bit of gratitude.

Liberals love to tell me that I should fear the police as an African-American woman. They claim that my race makes me a target for police officers. Both of these ideologies are absurd and untrue. I am a law abiding citizen. I am an American. I don't commit crimes. I carry myself with dignity and respect. I have nothing to fear from police officers. I know without a doubt that if I'm ever in danger, I can call the police and count on them to protect me.

I am convinced that people who dislike police officers are criminals and/or bad people. What honest, law abiding citizen would have a reason to despise the people who protect and serve? People who don't like the police should have more appreciation; they should reevaluate and think of how drastically their lives would worsen if there weren't any police officers.

Are all police officers good people? No, of course not. Do some abuse their power? Yes. But the vast majority of them are good people. The vast majority of them protect and serve civilians, women, children, and the elderly.

As an American citizen and a Patriot, I will always respect and have faith in the police officers of this great nation. They are heroic people who are underpaid for an amazing, daily service. Police officers uphold the law and they make this country a safe place. So to the police officers of America, I have two words: Thank you.

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