Friday, June 3, 2016

Make Illegals Mexican Again

Make no mistake, after the violent riots by illegals, leftists, and paid agitators in San Jose, California we are being invaded. Invaded by illegals from Mexico, South, and Central America that have broken Federal Immigration law. That have flooded the United States with the lowest form of human beings imaginable. So low that even the third world nations they came from are begging us not to send them back.

For one an illegal is a criminal who has broken the law. Two the illegal disobeys any US law. Three the illegal disrespects American culture, it's citizens, and it's history. Lastly, is that the illegal brings into this nation it's filth of diseases that have been eradicated, and desire to turn wherever he or she lives into the same hell hole they came from.

The legal immigrant unlike the illegal is here LEGALLY and is an American citizen. The legal immigrant has learned the laws of this nation, learned it's culture, it's history. Wants to be assimilated into the great melting pot of legal Americans.

Not all the illegals who come here are looking for work. Most are looking for a handout. Whether the illegal is here for work or not; they are all illegal because once again they have broken Federal Immigration laws that are no longer enforced due to leftist extremism.

In San Jose, San Diego, and many other places in California. Illegals burned the American flag, the flag that men and women have died for, the flag that represents freedom from tyranny. In return the illegals hoisted the dirty flag of Mexico. A flag from a country that provided the world very little to no actual advancement in society. A flag from a country we completely took over in the late 1840s only to be generous and give it back to them. The illegals terrorized men, women, and children. Innocent American citizens beaten, vandalized, terrorized in their own country.

All of the illegal immigrants must go. All must be returned to their own countries. If they continue then the violence will get worse, and the country will be just as ruined as any 3rd world nation is by these worthless human beings. Unleash the Border Patrol, the Immigration Enforcement. Deport them either willingly or by force. We the real citizens of America naturalized and LEGALLY immigrated have had it with these vermin.

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  1. I agree with most of this article, but wish to point out that it isn't all 'leftist' policies. GOP has been complicit with illegals to serve their corporate masters and Chamber of Commerce. Americans have been screwed by gov't, period.