Thursday, June 30, 2016

Extinction of the Moderate Left

In the past eight years we have seen a horrifying political genocide take place. The genocide of the moderate leftist. Ever since Barack Hussein Obama took office in 2009 the slow destruction of what the Democratic party use to be had begun.

Obama is what you would call a criminal mastermind. Think Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. Obama pulls the strings of his henchmen and women to where the blame never falls on him. It only falls on the people around him. Every single cabinet position Obama could fill has been filled by a radical leftist. Every one of those cabinet members know what to do because they use the same playbook as the radical leftists do. From Eric Holder, to Lois Lerner, to Hillary Clinton. All violated the law as Obama desired. None held accountable.

Leftists never have to communicate with each other because they all hold the same ideals. That America is too powerful, government is the answer, and people in power are above the law. They all hail from the same school of thought from Saul Alinsky. The leftist agenda is to make America look weakened. To fuel the social justice narrative and put us against one another instead of uniting us. To take control like Lenin did in 1917.

All high government positions have a radical leftist in charge of it. Except for the ones that were appointed by President Bush until their time holding that office expires. Such as FBI Director James Comey whose hands are tied from indicting current Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton due to the blocking of such indictment by the Obama administration, and current Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Who owes her appointed position as a U.S Attorney by former President Bill Clinton.

The current Obama administration is filled with corruption, hypocrisy, and lawlessness. You can find thousands of sources proving this fact from many reputable news sources both from the right and the left. They succeeded in weakening the position of the United States Government on the world stage, and strengthened it's control over the American citizen.

Any crisis that occurs, any natural disaster, any terrorist attack, and this lawless administration jumps at the chance to spread their radical leftist narrative.

We have seen in the last years of this lawless administration, hundreds of deaths of our local law enforcement officers by radical leftist social justice instigators. We have seen violence against conservatives in the streets for speaking out against the radical leftist agenda. We have seen businesses burned, looted, and people's lives destroyed by the radical leftist agenda. We saw an administration do absolutely nothing when four Americans were murdered including a United States Ambassador in Libya. We have seen terrorist attacks being blamed on the American people and not the ones responsible.

This is the Obama administration's legacy, and it will only continue to get worse until "We The People" stand up and grow a spine. Until "We the People" hold these radical leftists accountable. Until "We the People" forcefully make our news media and government tell the truth.


  1. Succinct and pithy. Especially in that they are so much of the same mindset, schemes rarely need hatching. Everyone knows their role.

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