Friday, June 10, 2016

Commonsense against Never Trump

The Never Trump movement is fascinating to me. Make no mistake, this movement has been around since 2008 although it hasn't been labeled yet until this year. The Never Trump movement first reared it's ugly head during the John McCain campaign. Upset that McCain wasn't conservative enough for them they decided to stay home and refused to vote. The same story happened in 2012 for Romney, and the same story this year for 2016. However what the Never Trumpers fail to grasp is that Donald Trump is a different candidate than McCain or Romney.

First off however let us look at what a Never Trumper is. A Never Trumper is someone who thinks that there is this perfect, flawless constitutional conservative candidate who can do no wrong. Usually it is Reagan that they compare their candidate to. Forgetting that Reagan's 1980 campaign was like Trump's. Nobody wanted Reagan and the GOP establishment did everything in their power to stop him. Back then it was Never Reagan. Never Trumpers also forget that Reagan had his fair share of big government policies and scandals here and there too.

A Never Trumper are those groups of people who are angry that their candidate Senator Ted Cruz lost. Like any election you have a primary. The people voted and Cruz lost, but instead of saying ,"Oh well the people have spoken, let me find out what kind of guy Trump is.". They instead automatically listen to the mainstream leftist media and pro Cruz media. Coming to the conclusion that Trump is just a Democrat in disguise. Which is the farthest thing from the truth.

One of the two Never Trumper leaders who come to mind are the zealot Glenn Beck and the GOP Establishment RINO Bill Kristol. Beck who spent over 500k following Cruz around like he was the anointed messiah became enraged, and went off the deep end when he was losing. Beck attacked pro Trump voters by screaming that if you weren't a Cruz supporter than your not a Christian or your not an American. Furthermore to add to his meltdown he covered his face in Cheetos or Doritos to mock Trump and his skin tone.

Bill Kristol went against the promise to voters that there will be no third party candidate and decided on a third party candidate. A guy by the name of David French. One who nobody has ever heard of, and two was less likely to be President than Ross Perot or Ralph Nader if they threw their hats into the ring again.

These are the types of leaders who the Never Trumpers follow. Who would rather sit on all their principles and see four more years of Obama type policies than swallow their pride and vote for a Pro American like Donald Trump. By the way if Hillary is elected all your principles will never matter again.

Now I will be a Never Trumper using typical arguments they try to bring up, and answer the Never Trumper's fear and concerns.

Never Trumper: Donald Trump is a racist!

Me: Commonsense dictates that if Donald Trump was indeed a racist then how would he have become wealthy, hire many Hispanics, African Americans, and live in New York City his whole life surrounded by all sorts of ethnic groups he calls friends and colleagues. Do you not find it odd that the racist accusations started the minute he announced his candidacy?

Never Trumper: But he hates Hispanics and Muslims!

Me: Wrong, what he hates is the illegal immigrant like we all do. He wants to deport the illegal immigrant breaking Federal Immigration Law. That is the whole idea for the wall. He embraces the LEGAL immigrant and naturalized citizen no matter the race, culture, color, or creed. He also has many Muslims supporting him who approve of the vetting process to refuse more radical Islamists from entering this nation.

Never Trumper: Trump said this and Trump said that! Trump said that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and his supporters would still defend him.

Me: It is called a joke. Donald Trump speaks his mind and is in no way shape or form politically correct. He is different from a politician because he doesn't talk like a politician. Give me a break.

Never Trumper: Trump hates the Constitution!

Me: Really? Has he ever said that? No, Trump supports and defends the constitution and will surround himself with constitutional conservatives like Senator Jeff Sessions and many others. He loves America, loves capitalism, wants to see it's citizens become wealthy again, wants to rebuild the economy, and to make the United States respected again on the world stage. This is a man who hugs and shakes hands of local law enforcement everywhere he goes. Who is supported by the Border Patrol.

Never Trumper: I used to love Dr. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, but since they endorsed Donald Trump I hate them.

Me: Obviously then your self righteousness is so thick you can't see the hypocrisy in that.

Never Trumper: He supported Bill and Hillary!

Me: Every businessman since Rockefeller has donated, hobnobbed and socialized with whatever party was in power. It is good business sense. Every major company in the United States has done it. It's not taking a side in the political game because if companies did then those companies wouldn't be around. Trump is a registered Republican however he is also a businessman, and donated to both parties. If a politician was running as a Republican, and hobnobbed with Hillary that's a whole different story. He has bought and sold politicians his whole life as has every major business man and woman has done. He can't be bought because he has played the game.

Never Trumper: He flip flops!

Me: All his policies are on his website. . He likes to talk a lot, make jokes, strategize, and say things that he wants to do. As a politician you don't want to alienate anyone. You have to play the field if you want to reach across party lines. There are voters other than constitutional conservatives and evangelicals.

Never Trumper: Thats another thing! He brags all the time! I can't stand it!

Me: Let me point out to you another wealthy New Yorker who bragged, game hunted, and loved to talk about himself. One of the greatest Presidents of all time, Theodore Roosevelt. Who made America into a Superpower.

Never Trumper: He hates veterans! He took 6 million for himself!

Me: No he didn't. He donated a million out of his own pocket. If a billionaire steals 6 million dollars from veterans. One that be the stupidest thing anyone had ever done especially someone running for President. Two that would be like me or you stealing 6 dollars from a Salvation Army pot. He doesn't need it. He insulted McCain because even though McCain is a war hero his political record has been a leftist's dream resume the past thirty years.

These are just a few of the common Never Trumper arguments that make my head hurt. Commonsense explanations of who and what Donald Trump is, and how the mainstream leftist / pro Cruz media have tried to make him into a villain.

Stop being a Never Trumper use commonsense and become a Never Hillary. Hillary is the real enemy of the United States. She is Obama's third term and destruction of the Constitution.

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