Monday, June 13, 2016

Blame everybody but Islam

The terror attack in Orlando by an Islamic radical was the worst attack on our soil since 9/11. However when an attack like this occurs it is almost like clockwork that the vile leftists start turning it into a political agenda.

Immediately the leftist media, celebrities, and government blame everything from Christians, Donald Trump, the NRA, to the gun as the culprit. They ignore the fact that the shooter was a radical Muslim. They ignore his allegiance to ISIS. They ignore how the government failed in it's background checks. They ignore his father's radical ties.

Christians had nothing to do with this, but leftists love to bring up the Crusades and Catholic persecutions during the middle ages and the renaissance so long ago. A time when there was fear mongering and ignorance abound. Not like today where we have modern knowledge and information at our fingertips to explain virtually everything. They love to bring up the fact of the attacks on abortion clinics by a few radicals years ago as justification for Islamic terror. They forget the fact that Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist do not murder thousands every year world wide. They forget the genocide of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist by Muslims. No, instead they have to remind Christians of their bloody past that is hundreds of years old. By the way the Crusades were fought to stop radical Islam from conquering the west.

Donald Trump had nothing to do with this. In fact the opposite is he's trying to bring it to the light for discussion. He uses the term radical Islamic terrorism unlike Hillary Clinton or the Obama administration who are terrified to use it. His plan to limit Muslim immigration through vetting is sound. Also his plan to monitor Mosques for radicalization is sound and needed.

The left furthers it's ignorance of how to acquire a gun. They blame guns and gun manufacturers. They forget the fact that attacks involving guns world wide happen in gun restricted zones. San Bernardino happened in a gun restricted zone. Background checks to purchase a gun occur on a Federal, State, and local level. The background checks need to be revamp by law enforcement to make sure criminals and future terrorist do not acquire one legally. Terrorist and criminals will always be able to get a gun because they do not care or follow the law. The gun is not the issue here. A gun is just a paperweight. It takes a person of evil to use it for evil.  Gun control only hurts the law biding citizen.

The NRA is always the first on the leftist blame list. The leftist ignorance of what the NRA does is amazing to me. The NRA teaches gun safety nationwide, it teaches gun responsibility, and ensures the rights of law biding gun owners are protected.

The left blames all of these except as I said radical Islam. Since 9/11 28589 terrorist attacks have happened world wide in the name of the Religion of Peace. If you are skeptical you can check it out at they have every attack listed with dates and details.

The left has a political agenda. They do not care about gays, they do not care about American citizens, they only care about their agenda. They are cowards who will throw gays, straights, Americans, Christians, anyone under the bus to avoid offending Islam. Because Islam uses violence to get their way, and will continue to use violence to cower everyone into submission.

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