Sunday, May 22, 2016

Safe Spaces more Harm than Good

Growing up I was a fat kid. Not only was I fat but I also had a bit of a stuttering problem. Needless to say I was bullied throughout most of my childhood. That time in my life, although rough on me also made me the successful person I am today.

Being bullied taught me life lessons that I could never experience in a classroom, from my parents, or from a safe space. It taught me who to trust and who not to, who my true friends were, and how to fight back. When I say fight back I mean not just physically, but also socially. Using wit and comebacks in social situations. Did I get embarrassed? Sure did. Did I get humiliated at times? Absolutely.

What the bully experience in childhood prepared me for was the tough life lessons and bullies that awaited me in adult life where there is no safe space. However bullying also motivated me to improve my speech and drop the weight growing up. It motivated me to be successful, and to try new things. It prepared me for a great career in the military as well as a successful college career. Bullying taught me to stand up for myself and to build self esteem.

Today however we live in a Safe Space world. Where children are extremely sheltered mostly due to their sheltered parents and the leftist view of bullying. Safe Spaces teach children the wrong lessons in life. It doesn't prepare children for the harsh reality of real life. It doesn't prepare children that their safe space, and their parents will not always be there. It doesn't prepare children to defend themselves for when the train of life hits them dead on.

Not only are children being sheltered from reality they are sheltered from being themselves. In a college environment the truth is being squashed by anyone who yells bully or racist. Institutions of learning are now brainwashing camps where free speech is beaten down by a safe space. Only if you agree with the way the college administration thinks then are you allowed to speak.

Take it from someone who was bullied and had no safe spaces growing up. I am one hundred percent better off today from facing reality as a child than someone who hasn't.

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