Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Never Trump is Never Freedom

"I would rather break the heart of the world than to break the heart of the people of these United States" - President Harding

The American people have voted and called Donald J. Trump as the man they want representing them in the White House. A nationalist movement has taken hold throughout the United States as one of pride in our Great Nation.

However many are not on board with the populist nationalist candidate. Some view Donald J. Trump as a brash,  a Trojan horse,evil (according to cultist Glenn Beck) the list goes on and on. This is what some on the far right wing media see. Especially the shrills like the ones working at Glenn Beck's the Blaze. Since the beginning of Donald Trump's campaign the Establishment GOP and the Ted Cruz supporters have been furiously against Trump. The Establishment GOP we all understand because they will lose their cushy positions and actually have to work for the American people again. 

The Cruz camps are a different story. Since the beginning, Ted Cruz has catered only to the far right. Like a right wing Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz forgot that there is more to America then the far right. The more Ted lost to Trump the more far right he became thereby alienating himself from the voters. Ted's message was one of the Constitution and I for one love any candidate who will follow the Constitution but you have to reach out to the other voters who do not believe as strongly as you do in the Constitution or God if you want to gain traction. America is a melting pot of different ethnic groups, beliefs, non beliefs, pro constitutionalist, non constitutionalist, you could fill a book listing everyone's different views. What Trump got right instead of Cruz was that out of all of these different people with different beliefs and views there was one thing they were that everyone could agree on. They were all Americans. American pride since Obama took office has been nonexistent, and Donald Trump lead a movement that has made everyone believe in America once again. He reached across all the differences of this melting pot; brought everyone railing around love and pride in the United States of America once again. 

The nail on the Ted Cruz coffin was Glenn Beck, who started to believe he was anointed by God, and continually alienated himself from those who used to support him by acting like a cultist lunatic. Beck asked for fasting, Beck asked for prayer against evil. The evil he thought was Donald Trump. Instead Beck should have asked for fasting and prayer against the evil Hillary Clinton. Beck had to let go of 40 employees on his network because he spent 500k to promote Cruz and continually turn off his viewers and Trump supporters who use to like him like I once did. 

The NeverTrump movement that fizzled as of yesterday still holds on.... barely. The hardcore Cruz camp supporters would rather stay home now or even vote for Hillary Clinton. People like Glenn Beck at the Blaze will now fight against a Trump victory in November. These people would rather see America have four more years of an Obama administration with Hillary then see America prosper and become powerful once again. I understand the bitter and anger, but if you do not vote for Donald Trump then you allow Socialist America to become a reality, you allow leftist tyranny. Your staying home or Hillary vote is spit on the graves of those who sacrificed so much for this country. You need to swallow your pride, your anger, and pull your head from your asses. There is too much at stake this election to let your selfishness ruin America because your candidate lost. Hillary Clinton is the enemy of America, she will destroy it if elected. If you allow it to happen then it is your fault, and everyone who died for this country can thank you for making the sacrifices meaningless. 

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