Friday, May 20, 2016

My Thoughts on the Democrat Party by Gabrielle Seunagal

As a millennial and a woman of color, I absolutely despise the Democrat Party. The policies of the Democrats are rooted in racism and oppression. Even to this day, the Democrats thrive on victim-hood and intimidation tactics. The Democrat Party could not survive without false accusations of racism, bigotry, sexism, and misogyny, The Democrats are the party of failure. They are the party of shame and hypocrisy.

Even in 2016, Democrats believe that they have a monopoly on people of color and other minorities. Democrats always claim to be the party of "equality," but they're really not. If Democrats really believed in equality, they would not have put Affirmative Action in place. The Affirmative Action implies that African Americans cannot compete on the same level as other ethnic groups, and somehow need a leg up. As an African American woman, I find that insulting.

Another example of the hypocrisy of the left is Democrat frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. She claims to be "fighting for women" (another leftist implication that women are somehow victims) and yet she takes money from Saudi Arabia. Her Clinton Foundation also pays women 38% less than men. Go figure. How can Democrats claim to stand for something and then take actions that utterly contradict their claims?

Another thing Democrats love is: gun control. They claim that this is to protect the American people from mass shootings, but this is false. For starters, most shootings take place in gun free zones  (unironically). Secondly, criminals do not follow gun control laws, only law abiding citizens do. Also, if you look into the history of gun control, you will learn that it was originally implemented to prevent African Americans from having access to guns.

The hypocrisy and deceit of the Democrat Party is really no shock. Democrats supported slavery. Democrats started Jim Crow Laws. Democrats started the KKK. Democrats are a threat to everything positive in America. The fact that so many Democrats are supporting a self proclaimed socialist speaks volumes about how little they value prosperity and the American Dream. You can not call yourself a leftist/Democrat/liberal and truly love America.

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