Saturday, May 14, 2016

Leftists cannot be Patriots

If you are a leftist or a liberal Democrat you do not love America and can never be a Patriot. Unless you abandon leftist ideology. Leftists beliefs are of the anti American movements, of the ignorant, and the stupid.

Leftists are the true bigots. Websters defines BIGOT as a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. If you disagree with a leftist you are immediately mocked and thrown to the uneducated for further mocking.

Leftists believe in everything that doesn't make America great.

They believe in Socialism (sharing the wealth).
They believe in a politically motivated creation called climate change that is an excuse for further government control.
In equality that cannot exist.
They despise that this country was founded on Christian beliefs.
They hate guns because guns in the hands of the legal gun owner means that the government has to watch itself with an armed society.
They support big government where everything is governed to their beliefs not your beliefs.
They desire total totalitarian society based on leftist ideology.
They believe in globalization not nationalization. They want the borders dissolved and anyone to come in to destroy the foundation of this great nation.
They do not believe in American exceptionalism.
They absolutely despise real heroes such as veterans, police officers, any first responders. Mainly because most leftists are not real men and haven't served their nation or done anything with their lives worth while.
They want your children to be taught that America is evil and that any gender is acceptable which leads to your child developing mental health problems.
They ignore facts.
They ignore commonsense.
They are the true enemies of America.
They do not love this nation like you and I do.
They are not Americans.

If you vote Democrat this year you vote against America.

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