Sunday, May 1, 2016

Illegals have Zero Right to Protest or be here.

Illegals are not American citizens. Illegals are people from multiple countries who came into this country illegally without going through the legal process that millions of people go through to become a legal American citizen. 

The human being is not illegal as the leftist love to point out when they realize their immigration arguments are invalid. However the illegal act is the breaking of United States Federal Immigration laws. Once you come into this country illegally then you need to be deported back to your original country period. 

Now moving on to the California Donald Trump protests. The protesters are primarily pro illegal groups, mixed with illegals, and George Soros paid protestors. The protesters waved Mexican flags, burned American flags, and used violence against anyone who stood in their way including law enforcement. For one their protest was illegal because they are illegal. Two, law enforcement should have rounded all of them up or dispersed them with tear gas. Three, once you use violence in any protest you lose your first amendment rights under the Constitution. Because the state of California ties the hands of their law enforcement invasions from violent illegals continue and will continue to get worse. 

To educate the ignorant and uneducated leftists let me explain some history. For one California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada are not part of Mexico and haven’t been since 1848. We did not steal it from under you, but paid you 15 million dollars after we conquered all of Mexico during the war from 1846-1848. Graciously we gave Mexico back, but what we should have done is had the foresight to have conquered it all and divided it into new states. Lastly the 15 million we gave the Mexican government for the Southwest helped Mexico’s war debt and enabled it to rebuild their military for when the French invaded over ten years later. 

So to all the illegals you have zero right to be in the United States. You have zero right to protest. All should be deported. It is time to take a stand like every other nation does with immigration and enforce it once again. Illegals are criminals and continue to hurt our economy, our livelihood, commit criminal acts, and make life difficult for the legal immigrants, and naturalized citizens of this nation.

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