Friday, April 1, 2016

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

Amazing how we've come from "We the People" to "We the Establishment". Voters on both sides of the political spectrum are crying out for change. Not the Obama "Change We can Believe in" crap, but real change. 

On the right you have Senator Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump. The top two front runners are the top two on the GOP establishment's list of no, but hell no. We the people have voted for these two front runners.  The primary reason being is that they are not the establishment. Both candidates are a refreshing change from the usual hands across the aisle, no matter what nothing will change, big lobbyist, big government, politically correct candidate. Those are qualities that terrify the GOP establishment and threaten their cushy positions. The GOP establishment are afraid they might actually have to work for we the people instead of the usual lobbyist who pay them. 

So what has the GOP establishment done? Committed suicide. By telling us, the voters we aren't intelligent enough to vote for a candidate. To fix the problem the GOP establishment have decided to pick the candidate for us; using the same formula that has never worked and will never work. Our new choices are Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and John Kasich. 

Mitt Romney the loser from 2012 who apologized all the time, never attacked Obama, and who wasn't conservative enough that many voters stayed home. Paul Ryan the traitor to the conservative movement who has supported many Obama policies, and stabbed his Wisconsin constituents in the back. Also a 2012 loser. Finally John Kasich, who is so middle ground he might as well be a leftist. Who supports refugees over his own citizens of Ohio, who wants to increase big government healthcare, and who obviously cannot do real mathematics. Kasich thinks that Ohio represents all 50 states and that he has won the nomination.  

The GOP establishment by stabbing us in the back once again has signed their own party death warrants. None of us will vote for any of these three losers and the Democrat victory in November will be overwhelming. Yet the GOP establishment will blame us for the loss and still will have no clue what we the people truly want.

The Democrat side is no better. No matter how many states Bernie Sanders wins, no matter how many people support him it will not matter to the Democratic establishment. The Democrat party wants Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, they want a coronation not a fair election. Hillary Clinton who has so much baggage that Southwest Airlines would start charging her baggage fees. Hillary is set to be indicted and questioned by the FBI over her email scandals, Benghazi still hangs over her head, lies after countless lies still plague her, foreign handouts, the list goes on and on. Many Democrat voters have abandoned Hillary for Bernie, but to the Democratic party again this doesn't matter. Why doesn't it matter? Even if Bernie Sanders wins out the rest of the primaries Hillary will win the nomination because of the super delegates she has. The Democrats are also against we the people as much as the GOP establishment are. 

It is up to us to spread the message that we the people want change. Both the GOP and Democrat establishments will be committing political suicide this year if they do not change the disastrous course they are on.

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