Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why the St. Louis, Chicago Protest was Great.

The establishment could not stop the momentum with their lies, and the media could not stop the momentum with their false narratives and manufactured stories. So when desperation sets in who do they turn to. The answer is the leftists George Soros.

Soros, known for his spreading of slush to the hate groups of #blacklivesmatter and Occupy America was called in to try to stop Donald Trump. Or at least his money was. The Chicago protests of last night was the typical violent leftist dog and pony show we have seen over and over played out in major cities across America. 

Last night though was different. Donald Trump was due to speak in Chicago. Earlier in St. Louis we saw a small scale of what was going to happen that night. In St. Louis protesters started stomping on American flags, picking fights with Trump supporters who were waiting in long lines, and when the thugs had fights with each other tried blaming it on a Trump supporter. The protest failed miserably, St. Louis still had the rally and things were done as usual.

In Chicago protesters were shouting from the rooftops vulgarities, death threats, all sorts of violent threats hours before Trump was to arrive. The protesters stormed the Trump rally, got into fights with Trump supporters, committed acts of violence in the streets, assaulted Police Officers, and even used automatic weapons (banned mind you in the city of Chicago) to shoot in the air for celebratory gun fire. That wasn't a protest it was a riot.

The Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, #blacklivesmatter supporters all thought they had victory when Trump cancelled the event due to safety reasons. They could not have been more wrong. Every national media outlet on the right or left showed all of America who and what the vile leftists are once again. That they are a group of anti-Americans who use violence to shut down free speech and use violence against those who oppose them. The millions watching who were on the fence about who to vote for made their minds up that night. 

Donald Trump instead of talking to thousands at the rally that night was able to talk to millions due to the network air time he was given. Ted Cruz instead of unifying with conservatives further divided them by saying the protest was Trump's fault. That created another firestorm and many Cruz supporters threw their lots in with Trump.

This morning in Ohio a protester tried to physically attack Trump at a rally. Make no mistake the left are getting desperate and know they are losing, and losing like it is Jimmy Carter times ten all over again.

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