Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why not Trump?

Mitt Romney's establishment speech today of hypocrisy was in my mind head scratching. It is an example of the constant insanity the GOP establishment is experiencing. Mitt Romney, a man who four years ago said nothing but good things about Trump supporting him decided to come out swinging against him for the establishment.

Never in the history of the GOP has the party (not the voters) been against a front runner like they are against Donald J Trump. Any other election year the GOP would be ecstatic about the voter turn out, the rallies, etc around a Republican front runner. A front runner who has more numbers than Barack Obama did at this point in the race in 2008.

So I ask the question to the GOP establishment; why not Trump?

I went to a Trump rally in Huntsville, Alabama last weekend. Days before the rally I had been on the fence between Trump and Cruz, but after the 10th debate I decided on Trump. So I attended the rally and guess what I saw. I saw 32,000 voters of all races, creeds, and religions who were united in their love for the United States of America. I didn't see any racism, I didn't see any religious (as the left likes to say) xenophobia. What I saw again were people who love America and are worried about it's future.

The establishment loves to point the finger at Trump by saying he's not a conservative he's not this and not that. Just look at his record. What record? He has been a businessman not a politician. His record of donating to both parties and making deals with politicians of both parties? That is what every businessman does in this country to make deals to sweeten their business interests. Small businesses do it locally and big businesses do it nationally. Look at the leftist businessmen who do it like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet to name a few.

Trump since day one of his campaign has shown the American people that he loves America, his best interests are for the American people. Not the lobbyist, not the illegals, but the American people. He self funds his campaign, he isn't bought or sold by businessmen and lobbyist as he once bought and sold politicians himself.

The establishment says Trump isn't qualified? I ask how? Look at the current moron in office Barack Obama. He was a community organizer, then a Senator who did nothing, and then President. He had absolutely zero grooming in becoming President. All he could do and still does is make the teleprompters look good.

Trump has been a businessman, world traveler, and negotiator all his life. He built a business empire from the ground up. He has powerful friends all over the world. Friends who have the ears of government officials all over the world that can bend those ears to the side of the United States. Trump knows the economy, knows how the free market and capitalism creates wealth and jobs, he doesn't back down but kicks down doors and forces people to the table of negotiations. Obama has never done that in the seven plus years of his Presidency.

It is time to say goodbye to the GOP establishment. Time to send them all to the retirement home. We the people are tired of the Bob Doles, Bushes, Romneys, McCains, Rubios, all the establishment trash. We are ready for a candidate that will bring prosperity and greatness to this country once again.

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