Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The true GOP Establishment


       Bill Kristol the founder and editor of the suppose to be conservative Weekly Standard said in a stunning interview on MSNBC or (BSNBC) that Hillary should win the White House and Donald Trump shouldn't be the nominee. He then went on to lay out a plan how Hillary can defeat Trump. Bill Kristol has also been against Senator Ted Cruz and if Cruz had won the majority of Super Tuesday then he would have blasted him as well.
      Senator Lindsey Graham said that if Senator Ted Cruz was killed on the Senate floor no Senator would convict the person who did it. Yesterday he decided to turn it around saying he was joking and now wants to rally around Cruz because the alternative would be Trump.
       This is the hypocrisy and stupidity of the GOP Establishment. Their pick for President Marco Rubio failed miserably yesterday so now they are creeping up to Ted Cruz the same Ted Cruz they tried to destroy time and time again because he like Trump is anti establishment. Now the GOP sees Ted Cruz as the lesser of the two evils in their warped minds.
       It is sad when you have old worthless windbags from the party of Lincoln and the party of Reagan decide to support a socialist, anti-American Federal criminal like Hillary Clinton over the two front runner candidates who are anti-establishment. Whats worse is now the GOP Establishment is threatening a third party candidate because of Trump. Even though they made Trump promise not to run third party. Trump and Cruz should unite and put the nail in the increasingly leftist, cowardly GOP Establishment coffin once and for all.
      It is utterly insane when you've had seven years of a leftist administration that is against America; for the opposition party to join in with the Democrats and say we want another Obama term. The GOP Establishment is not the party of Lincoln or Reagan. They are not even a party. They are full of old worthless cowards who are scared of losing their cushy government jobs, lobbyist money, and pensions.

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