Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Reporter who Cried Wolf.

It is no surprise in this day and age that everyone seems to desire their fifteen minutes of fame. You only have to turn on the mainstream news to see a reporter playing the victim, or the narcissistic hero who thinks he or she has done something noble because they reported on it; and perhaps suffered a bit due to their desire to be part of the story.

 It is also no surprise that the media swarms desire to create disruption or fabricate a story when it comes to their villain who might upset their way of life. We are suppose to think journalist are victims when they get pushed or shoved, we are suppose to show our disdain for the accused and in turn create social justice for the accused to be punished. However what if that was all an act to deliberately be a star in the story?

Michelle Fields has been a part of the story before. She was a victim during the Occupy Wall Street anarchy as she was pushed down by thugs. She became the story because she was a reporter assaulted. This time she becomes the story once again.

At a Trump rally apparently Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, pushed or shoved Fields out of the way. But Instead of complaining directly to Lewandowski or Trump's staff she decided to become part of the story.

The transcript of a conversation between Fields and Washington Post reporter Ben Terris was taken from audio Politico obtained, but the audio is not included.

“That was insane,” Fields tells Terris. “You should have felt how hard he grabbed me. That’s insane. I’ve never had anyone do that to me from a campaign.”

“Can I put that in my story?” he asks.

“Yeah, go for it — that was really awful,” Fields replies. “That’s so unprofessional.”

“He really just almost threw you down on the ground,” he says.

The transcript was released hours after Terris reported his account of witnessing the encounter between Fields and Lewandowski. Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks denied the allegation. 

A Washington Post reporter was nearby salivating the chance to make this into a huge issue and he got his chance by making Fields the focus of the story. It's no secret everyone and everything on both sides of the establishment aisle are trying all they can to derail the so called Trump train. Only weeks previously did a Time magazine reporter get thrown to the ground by Secret Service for an assault on a Federal Officer again making the reporter part of the story. The mainstream media plays dirty and we all know they do. So the question is, was this a fabricated provoked event like weeks previously to stir the political pot? There is no video evidence, but there is on her side evidence of bruising and the audio. 

The Trump camp have produced video showing no incident as well as coming out with statements denying the altercation.

There might have been a minor altercation or there may not have been. But it has certainly been blown out of proportion.

I was attached for three weeks when I was in the Army to the Secret Service in 2008 for the Vice Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and for the Presidential Debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. What I saw on the Secret Service side the Democrat side and the Republican side is that if anyone, be it reporter or bystander got in the way of the candidates then they were pulled or shoved aside. That is just the way it is and has been. This is nothing new. 

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