Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Embarrassment in Chief

Amazing in this day and age how much can occur in a weeks’ time. Even more amazing is how in that weeks’ time the most powerful man in the free world can insult the United States of America three times, virtually ignore a terrorist attack, and go on vacation instead.

Barack Obama, our embarrassment of a President started his insult parade in Cuba. Landing in Cuba he was met with members of Fidel Castro’s Communist dictatorship. Obama did not go to Cuba alone but went with an entourage of officials, Congress representatives, and Senators. Upon arriving he had his picture taken while his hand was over his heart with Che Guevara’s picture behind him; a communist terrorist and mass murderer. Furthermore Obama and his entourage completely ignored the plight of the Cuban people who are locked up for their cries of freedom and liberty, and treated the trip like a vacation. He met with Raul Castro where during the press conference he berated the United States' dealings with Cuba on the trade embargo; blamed America for Cuba’s misfortune. When in fact Cuba trades with every nation under the sun except ours. The embarrassment in chief just stood there and agreed with him then insulted America by saying Cuba is better in certain areas of government, healthcare, etc than the United States. An absolutely idiotic statement! Here is a nation who murdered, imprisoned thousands of political prisoners and our President has the audacity to insult the United States instead of defending it.

Later on in the week, the terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) attacked the Belgian city of Brussels. The two front runners of the GOP Presidential race (Senator Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump) responded like two men if they were President should. With retaliation and solidarity for Belgium. Barack Obama further embarrassed America by giving only 51 seconds of air time on ESPN no less about the terrorist attack, then was seen happily doing the wave with Raul Castro during a baseball game.

As the world was showing its solidarity with the nation of Belgium. Barack Obama instead of coming straight home to deal with the situation and show his solidarity instead went on vacation to Argentina where he danced the tango with an Argentinian dancer as the world burned. Barack Obama is the greatest example of how liberalism is a mental illness, is the worst President, and the worst embarrassment the United States has ever had.

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