Monday, March 7, 2016

Obama's Third Term

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. What do you tell the people who get fooled a third time? Fool me three times and I'm an idiot. That is the phrase that all voters who support Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton should be telling themselves.

It is absolutely amazing at the wool that has been pulled over the eyes of leftist voters for an astounding third time. These die hard leftists Democrats who even after seeing and experiencing the Obama administration's failed policies are diving in the koolaid for more of the same.

Let us look at the main issues for this election.

We are nineteen trillion dollars (this many 19,000,000,000,000) in debt and rising. When Obama took office we were around eight to nine trillion in debt. That is unsustainable, we are a superpower that is broke. In another eight years or sooner inflation will slap all of us like a bad date.

We have no border protection. We are the only nation on earth right now who doesn't seem to believe in borders. You cannot have a nation without borders, you cannot have illegal immigration. Our tax dollars pay for these illegal aliens and they do not do anything to help our nation or economy by being here. You want to play love one another and kumbaya? Do it with a charity or church. The government isn't a charity.

We have a socialized healthcare system that is failing rapidly. Premiums skyrocketing left and right to where the lower and middle classes cannot afford the affordable care act. An amazing oxymoron in itself. 

We have a foreign policy so screwed up that the Russians are coming in to clean our messes up. And an Islamic threat that is now taking on the Middle East because we left Iraq way too soon. 

With all this insanity happening in our nation right now people still drink the koolaid and will vote and hope for Obama's third term. Which will be more of the same or worse. 

If your fooled a third time by the Democrats your an Idiot. 

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