Monday, March 14, 2016

John Kasich Governor and Moron

Governor John Kasich is the candidate that no body wants this election year. He is the perfect example of an establishment RINO that no body wants this year. He is the embodiment of the establishment.

It is absolutely amazing to watch Governor Kasich on the campaign trail, and on the debate stage. He uses the same lines and strategy that establishment politicians have used for years. "My father was a mailman, my mom worked hard, and you know growing up in a poor family was hard but we over came it by hard work." You know the same type of crap that establishment candidates have said the past two election seasons when we got our collective asses kicked for letting in establishment candidates.

The funniest thing about him saying those things on national television is that he still believes those are the things that people want to hear! On top of all that, he ignores the conservatives from his own state, and listens only to what the GOP establishment in Washington D.C want. Kasich is all in for amnesty, says in his first 100 days as President he will pass amnesty. He promotes more government run healthcare. He is all for refugees from Syria coming into Ohio and the rest of the United States. He is all in for increased spending as well.

Kasich is obviously blind and deaf to what the people of his own state want let alone the country. John Kasich is no better than Hillary Clinton, worse than Marco Rubio, and worse than former President George W. Bush. I am stunned how someone can be on the campaign trail as long as he has and still think he has a shot at winning the nomination when he has no clue what the American people truly want.

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