Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'm a Donald J Trump Supporter.

I'm a Trump supporter. I am not a racist, I am not a member of any radical group. I am just a normal American. Only in the United States of America can there be a movement like this. A movement where Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Veterans, Students, Feminists, Gays, different generations of men and women all coming together to voice their love and support of the Greatest Nation on Earth.

The mainstream news media will not tell you the truth. They will not interview or show the multitude of Hispanics, Muslims, and Blacks who support Trump. They will not tell you the truth because they are afraid of the truth. The mainstream news is controlled by names like Ailes, Murdoch, Soros, and Huffington. Nothing more than mouthpieces of the destructive right wing establishment, and radical left wing movement who dare not speak against their messiah Barack Obama or any of his disciples. The same radical leftists who tried to silence Ronald Reagan are back to silence Donald Trump.

People say that Donald Trump is Ronald Reagan on steroids. I laugh because that is exactly what this country needs; because Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids. History is repeating itself and the mainstream media doesn't want to admit it. So instead they try to make Trump as they did with Reagan in the 1970s and 1980s the villain. They yell racist, piece together fabricated information to twist their spin, and in turn vilify his supporters as well. Reagan was the 1980s villain of the GOP establishment and look what happened when his movement took off.

Some on the right wing media yell that Trump isn't a Conservative, but only a plant for Hillary Clinton. If you believe that then you should be put in the same category of the conspiracy theorists who believe Kennedy was killed by CIA agents on the grassy knoll. Just because the man has donated to both parties and has friends in both parties doesn't make him a plant. Reagan had friends in both parties as well.

If you want to yell at the rooftops that he isn't a man of God or was chosen by God to lead America then I ask you to dive back into your Bible and look at all the men who lead nations who were not close to God, yet they were chosen by God to lead.

They say what kind of man is Donald Trump? He boasts, he swears, that isn't Presidential. Well the leftist heroes such as Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, and John F. Kennedy boasted, smoked, drank, had mistresses, and all swore. That isn't very Presidential now is it?

They want you to think Trump is an idiot and we are idiots for voting for him, but let me ask how many idiots have become billionaires? How many idiots have all their children graduate college and become successful? How many idiots can bring all races, colors, creeds in this country together on the belief to Make America Great Again?

The leftist media with the help of and the funding of mainly George Soros are so terrified of this new Conservative presence that they have hired organized agitators to disrupt any Trump rally. Leftist themselves are too lazy and unmotivated to do this alone so they need to be paid in order to protest. The big donors are terrified because their candidate Hillary Clinton is the weakest candidate the Democrats have had since Michael Dukakis. She is probably even worse.

Right now in America our nation is lead by the radical left wing, who keep losing our sovereignty everyday. We need a strong boisterous candidate who will take no prisoners and bring everyone who believes in America, what makes America together.

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  1. I am a 66year old retired female and you are so right on .....I have never seen so much love and support for ANY candidate in my life. Trump has brought so many races TOGETHER. We are sick of the BS politicians & punk thugs paid for by GOP, Soros or any other psychopaths!!!!