Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hitler, Hitler, Hitler! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

It is amazing all the Hitler references coming out from both the left and right establishments towards Donald Trump. If you start yelling anything loud enough over and over again then people start to believe it as truth. Same goes for if the leftist media who cry out Hitler enough times then the ignorant and stupid begin to believe it.

Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler is not Donald Trump. Let us dive into the life of the famous dictator and mass murderer shall we?

Adolf Hitler grew up in poverty under strict parents who were loyal and proud to be Germans under the reign of Otto Von Bismark and then later Wilhelm the I. As Adolf grew up he had an interest in painting believe it or not. A man who is famous for the murder of six million Jews actually created some beautiful works of art before his decent into madness.

When the first World War broke out in 1914, Adolf with national pride swelling inside him enlisted. At that time he had a handle bar mustache, but during a chemical attack by the allies he shaved it into the iconic mustache we know now because his mask wouldn't seal correctly with his handle bar mustache.

Fast forward to the 1920s. World War I is over the Allies punish Germany with  all sorts of economic penalties. Hitler, a broke war veteran stumbles one day into a pro Karl Marx socialist meeting. Hitler upon hearing about Karl Marx's doctrines decides to read the book the "Communist Manifesto". He was immediately struck with anger towards his government. He wanted a nation of equality (sound familiar?) where the workers are treated fairly.

After imprisonment and writing Mein Kampf, Hitler's popularity rose to rock star status. He created the NAZI (National Socialist Workers Party) movement. Notice the word Socialism is in the acronym NAZI. He took control of Germany, ousted the government, and then set his sights on recapturing what he thought were true German lands. He also used racism to fuel his political status. Blaming the Jews as the reason for the German economic downfall. He rounded the Jews, homosexuals, Polish, gypsies, the list goes on. Put them in concentration camps and conducted acts of horrific barbarism the world hadn't seen since the Middle Ages.

Now let us look at Donald Trump. He grew up with parents who embraced and loved America and what it stood for. A land of the free for all races, creeds, and religions. He was well educated with pro American values. He became a businessman who used American ingenuity of free market and capitalism to build a business empire that employed people of all races. He has two children who are half Jewish. He has Muslim supporters, Jewish supporters, Christian supporters, Veteran supporters, Democratic supporters, Conservative supporters. Who all embrace American values and hate socialism.

A Muslim on the The McLaughlin Group said that he wonders if Donald Trump will put him in an interment camp. Stupid comment considering the only party that ever put anyone in interment camps were the Democrats... such as FDR with the Japanese during WWII.

If anything Adolf Hitler is the hero of the leftists, the hero of the Democratic party, a hero of Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump embraces America. He embraces American values, freedom for all, American free enterprise, so all of us have the opportunity to attain the American dream. The Trump / Hitler comparisons are a sign that the left and right establishments are coming to an end because that's the only argument they have left.

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