Friday, February 26, 2016

Why I Decided Trump

Donald J Trump is my choice for President of the United States. Now many of you are in agreement and the other half is foaming at the mouth on why I made such a choice. I will tell you that like many of you I was on the fence for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump however after last night's debate I made my decision.

Here are my reasons. For one Trump has the intimidating personality to literally kick the doors down in Washington and ruffle everyone's feathers by being a tough negotiator and making deals which is what diplomacy and policy making is. He was the first to bring out a brilliant tax plan that made sense. He was the only one on the stage beside Dr. Ben Carson who supported a capitalism approach towards healthcare by saying quote, "We need to erase the lines around the states." meaning that by erasing the lines no one insurance company covers a state. When you have multiple insurance companies competing for your plan the rates are lower because of healthy free market competition. The other candidates promoted more government regulated healthcare. Trump came out and supported Israel but also said to be neutral not in it's defense, but in peace negotiations. Palestine and Israel have been at each other's throats for almost six thousand years. The United States will never solve the problem and create Middle Eastern peace if you follow the Biblical history. Trump has been audited for twelve years. Being audited for twelve years means the IRS examines every little detail of your financial life. It is stupid to think he has some scandal in his taxes when the IRS has combed his finances for the past twelve years. I abandoned Ted Cruz after he confirmed that Trump gave him five thousand dollars for his campaign but said, "It was only five thousand.". Donald Trump is a business man not a politician he buys and sells politicians to boost him and his business regardless of ideology. Every American businessman has done that since Rockefeller when Standard Oil was the Microsoft of it's day. Trump knows the economy better than any politician and will bring us to a new era of prosperity through commonsense economics. Trump's position on illegal immigration is extremely fair. Bring back those who can contribute to the nation but through the legal process. He cares for the American citizen, the Veteran, the First Responder, the average Blue Collar worker. Most of all he wants to bring back American exceptional-ism. You can't say the same for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders.

People say where are his policies? His website has them laid out

Trump has charismatic charm, he is able to unite people not divide them. He has brought many moderate Democrats and Independents to his side along with a large Conservative base. None of the other candidates can do that or have done that.

No candidate has ever been a perfect President. There is no such thing as a perfect President. Even Ronald Reagan did things that not everybody agreed with. What Reagan did do is unite the nation and make you proud to be an American again. Donald J. Trump can do that again.

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