Monday, February 22, 2016

Who cares about identification anyway?


 In this nation we have to I.D if we buy cigarettes, alcohol, use a credit card (in some places), to drive, if we join the military, to rent a car, to get a passport, the list goes on and on. However the one place we for the most part haven't had to show identification is probably the most important; the voting booth.
     Ever since Obama took office in 2009 Democrats have been conjuring up a scheme to make sure Democrats are in the White House for the next fifty plus years. That scheme is in the form of illegal immigration. Every year since Obama has taken office more and more illegals or non citizens have poured into the country. Democrats of course side with the illegal over the legal American citizen. The Republicans have sided with the legal American citizen. This is just what the Democrats wanted to happen.
    Because the leftist narrative is mainly emotions and false hoods they have been able to play the poor immigrant card. The poor immigrant card is simply that Jose and Maria wanted to come to America like the immigrants of old but couldn't wait anymore for our broken immigration process. So they jumped a fence. When they jumped the fence they should have been arrested and deported immediately, but because of the leftist lawless administration we have now that doesn't happen anymore. So Jose and Maria have to thank the Democratic party for their luck and new ILLEGAL life in the United States. So how will Jose and Maria thank their Democratic saviors? By voting Democrat of course! No one wants to vote for those evil Republicans who want a lawful immigration system.
    Jose and Maria have no I.D, no social security number, not a single bit of identification. However they live in California and that state doesn't require you to have an I.D to vote. So they just slip right in and cast their vote illegally for the next leftist candidate.
    However most real states are getting smart thwarting the leftists by enacting state voter I.D laws that stop Jose and Maria in their tracks. Unfortunately because we have a lawless Democratic administration that can do what they want because our cowardly congress will do nothing to stop them, Jose and Maria stick their middle finger up at us. The Attorney General Loretta Lynch (Eric Holder in drag) and other groups are fighting these states just in time for election season. Click the link for the article National Review . Now isn't that special?
    Illegal voting is the only way that Democrats can win in 2016. Because as we all know their field of candidates consists between a dirty old socialist and a lying criminal bitch.

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