Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Red Revolution

In his victory speech in New Hampshire, a familiarity from a hundred years ago came out of the darkness. "What is occurring now is a political revolution. We must not let the right wing conservatives take the White House." - Bernie Sanders. 2016

"The [Russian] Social Democratic Party, as the conscious exponent of the working-class movement, aims at the complete liberation of the toiling masses from every form of oppression and exploitation." - Vladimir Lenin 1917

Sound familiar? Sanders platform is pure Socialism. To rid us of the one percent and spread the wealth. The same ideology that Lenin had in his revolution. Although Sanders revolution may be peaceful it is the exact same as Lenin's. 

The rhetoric that fueled the Russian Revolution was the same as the Democratic party's revolution happening now. That the rich are evil, the Czars (GOP) are evil, and only change will happen by spreading the wealth so that everyone has equality. 

What happened then in 1917 was the murder and stealing from the rich  (Russia's one percent) given to the masses. From the government changes fueled corruption, greed, and fascism. Lenin was ousted by his own disciple Joseph Stalin. Stalin in turn murdered millions to fuel the socialist now communist agenda. First he killed the rich and stole from them, then the middle class, then he murdered the lower classes who did not fall into place. Stalin built the communist Soviet Union from the ashes of a Red Revolution that was based on socialism and equality for all. Instead of socialist equality came mass genocide. 

Sanders followers are the same that supported the Occupy Wall Street movements. The same followers of the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter.  The same followers who committed lawlessness, rape, murder, loitering, rioting, looting in 2011 and 2012. The same followers who committed murders of law enforcement in 2015. The same type of followers that Lenin had one hundred years ago.

Lenin relied on the stupid and the ignorant masses to assist him in his revolution. Sanders does the same by relying on the ignorant and stupid voters who believe the lies that the democrats and mass media have told them for years. The rich are evil, conservatives represent the rich, we must have equality, your entitled, and government is your friend. 

Sanders also mirrors Lenin with the people he surrounds himself with. People who are more left wing, more radical than he is. People who are as left wing as Joseph Stalin was when he ousted Lenin and took control. The same can happen with a follower of Sanders.

So you might ask yourself why all this hatred towards conservatives? Don't we have a radical left wing administration now? 

The answer is that the Democratic Party is collectively a Socialist party. Socialism cannot happen overnight in a Republic like ours. It has to slowly come through in phases.

The Obama administration is phase one. Obama has made the rich even wealthier and the poor more impoverished through taxes. He has fueled the rhetoric of racism through his support of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2015. He supported the Occupy movement in 2011 and 2012. 

Obama wants the American people to think that the conservatives are getting richer due to the GOP not letting him push his agendas even though he has gotten literally everything he has wanted and that the rich get tax breaks solely from the GOP. By placing this blame on the right wing this gives the left ammunition to attack the right wing candidates saying they will only make themselves richer and that the lower classes will become poorer. Through the increase of racist rhetoric he has divided whites against minorities. Minorities who look at whites as the law, who look at whites as the rich, when in reality they are just as poor as other folks. Law enforcement then becomes neutral in fear of doing it's job. 

By saying the right wing and whites are the rich and the law you then blast it through a state run media such as our mainstream media outlets. Eventually the lie becomes truth and then you move onto phase two of the Socialist revolution which is Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders becomes phase two a continuation of Obama's administration. Bernie Sanders runs as a full on Socialist who has the support of the stupid and ignorant masses that vote him into power. As with Lenin in 1917 Bernie Sanders will surround himself with leftist radicals, he will promote lawlessness, and the spreading of wealth to take from the rich and middle class either through taxes or eventually by the occupy and black lives matter radicals through force. 

"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." -George Santayana

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