Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Justice Scalia


Amazing the world of technology we live in today with the improvements of DNA matching, poison identification, and so on. Where an autopsy happens virtually on anyone who is found dead whether if by natural causes or by vicious intent in the real world, and if we continue to watch all the CSI / NCIS TV show spin offs. So the big question we are faced with is why was there no autopsy called for a high profile political figure like Justice Scalia?
The death of Scalia has many conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and everyday citizen's eyebrows raised with suspicion. If you read any news outlets they will all tell you the same thing. That there is mass confusion over what killed Scalia, no autopsy was done, found with a pillow over his head, clothes pressed, and many signs that foul play was involved.
Now I am no conspiracy theorists like those who still point to the JFK assassination with the grassy knoll and all that, but I do find all the details of this very disturbing. Scalia's body isn't even cold yet and the mainstream news media has moved on. The questions are piling up left and right on why no autopsy, why no big investigation? I mean Scalia's mysterious death is probably just as important or more important today than the JFK assassination.

What I find more interesting is that his death happens on a critical week for the Obama administration's policies on climate change and a host of other issues by the Supreme Court. I also know that without a doubt if Justice Ginsburg was found dead with a pillow over her head the mainstream leftists media would be in meltdown pointing fingers.

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