Sunday, February 7, 2016

An Alabama Liberal

In today's Sunday liberal newspaper where I live; an editorial was written in support of social liberalism and how it is good for Alabama. For privacy reasons I withhold the name of the author or the newspaper.

To The Daily: Lately, I’ve begun to think that President Barack Obama has entered Alabama’s Senate race, as Sen. Richard Shelby’s political ads are mostly fulminations against Obama and, of course, liberalism. As one of the most impoverished states, with high negatives in health, literacy, education, etc. — everything except football — and high levels of poverty, infant mortality, illiteracy, etc., Alabama desperately needs lavish doses of liberalism. Almost every good and decent legal and legislative achievement of the 20th century came from those horrible liberals: women’s suffrage, popular election of senators, the New Deal, TVA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Brown vs. Board of Education and civil rights legislation.

At one time in our history, there were even (gasp) liberal Republicans. Trust Buster Teddy Roosevelt was one, who also gave us our national parks. Back in the day, Southern politicians constituted the conservative wing of the Democratic Party with its most singular obsession (besides trying to get federal dollars) being a fervent opposition to equal rights for anyone save folks with lighter colored skin. When Republicans adopted the “Southern Strategy” in the 1960s, including the South’s racial dogma, the most impoverished section of America became ardent, conservative Republicans, advocating lower taxes on rich folks and an obsession with “accountability” in government, which always means a decrease in social spending.

How absurd, irrational and sad. Unless, of course, you’re a wealthy Alabamian, or perhaps cling to some exotic retrograde philosophy. - End of Editorial

What was amazing to me is how someone is blind to what social liberalism really is. Social liberalism is the cause of poverty, the cause of debt, and the cause of bigger government. It is sad when people embrace this as the answer to all the problems that we face.

I wrote a response on how absurd that article was in relation to the state of Alabama. 

Liberalism brought us recently the Department of Education (DOE) that we have to blame for the sad state of a public education our children grow up in. Teachers instead of actually teaching children what really matters such as values, responsibility, respect, and a drive for learning; instead have to adhere to the DOE's guidelines. The DOE has destroyed the drive for learning, making public schools a social club and most teachers doing the minimum because it is literally impossible to get a teacher fired due to the DOE. We have too many educators who just go through the motions and do not care about educating the next generation.

The retrograde philosophy you speak of (conservatism) passed the Alabama Accountability Act. Giving parents regardless of color or income status choose the school either private or public that they want their children to attend instead of being stuck with a failing school in their district. If they choose a private school then low income families get tax breaks to help support the cost of a private education.

Another gem of social liberalism is the failing Affordable Healthcare Act also know as Obamacare. When it was enacted thousands of Alabamians lost their health insurance. Forcing them to sign up for Obamacare which gives you the choice of four plans. Platinum if your wealthy (which most Alabamians are not) that covers 90 percent of your healthcare all the way down to what most people have which is Bronze, which only covers 60 percent of your healthcare. People who have plans other than Platinum have to pay for part of their medical bills; which many cannot afford. If you do not have insurance then you are forced to pay a yearly penalty even if you are unemployed and cannot afford it. People with a religious preference who appose abortion are forced to support it because their premiums pay for others to have it. Every years premiums skyrocket because the way Obamacare is implemented is unsustainable. And lastly for example; you are facing a life threatening disease, but there is an expensive way to save you. Problem is due to your age, income, previous health issues, and because you do not have a Platinum plan they deny you coverage. Not to worry though because they will cover hospice care.

Lastly because of social liberalism we now have unsustainable debt. In 2009 we were 10 trillion in debt. That is the debt combining the last 43 Presidents. In 2016 we are now 20 trillion in debt. That is what one liberal administration has done. Never had a balanced budget in those now eight years. Social liberalism cannot even exist without a steady supply of spreading the wealth. The problem with socialism (social liberalism) is that the money eventually runs out. Our debt is unsustainable and will have to be cleaned up by the next guy.

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