Friday, January 15, 2016

What a Life Means

I could write all day about politics until my hands were riddled with carpal tunnel. However for this piece I am not going to write about politics. I also want you the reader to toss religious, conservative, and liberal views to the wayside for a minute and just focus on the concept of life.

First off let us look at the word life for a second. The definition according to Webster is the existence of an individual human being or animal.  Whatever religion you believe in or not or whatever values you hold dear most of us in this country seem to have a view that life is precious.
Anyone on the street would ultimately agree if you took a poll that life is precious. However you would find the answer different if you discussed it with abortion. Why is it that life, the existence of a human, isn't precious when it comes to abortion? 

Life begins in the womb, in the womb the baby grows, it forms, and is just alive inside of a woman than it is outside. At week twelve of a pregnancy this is what an ultrasound of a womb looks like.

That is a life.

The pro choice groups, feminist, leftist, and even conservatives say the argument over and over "My body my choice.". Here is the truth though. Once that life forms inside of you it is no longer your body. It is now two bodies. Abortion is the end all justification for the one night stand, teen pregnancy, or the couple that just doesn't feel right about having a child. The abortion is used to absolve both a man and a woman from the responsibility of creating and taking care of a life. When you make the mistake by thinking with your genitals instead of your head and create a life, then you need to be held accountable for your actions. Because "My body my choice." doesn't apply because it is no longer your body and that life inside of you needs to have a voice, a choice. It is not your choice to choose life or death for someone that does not have a voice.

I am not saying you have to stop what your doing and care for a child for eighteen years, but what I am saying is there are alternatives. There are millions of loving people out there who desperately want to have a child, but are either too old or cannot due to other circumstances. Because of the mistake you made you need to put things on hold or work around things for nine months at least and give that life inside of you a chance. If you do not want the child then fine that is your choice, but do not decide to end it's life. A child can feel pain at twenty weeks in the womb and some medical research even says that it is sooner. Imagine that abortion being done, that child feeling everything being done to it until death. Give the child a chance, send him or her to an adoption agency, the fire department, police department, the hospital, or a church. From there they can take it to a foster family or orphanage. And from there they can find a family that wants a child to welcome into a loving home.

Now I believe in pro life and have all my life, but I do find times when abortion may be necessary. For example a rape victim, or if the child will be in pain it's either long or short life, a serious birth defect, or other health issues. These should be the only times abortion should be brought up. Even then there are extraordinary stories of successful children who have beaten the odds and have been welcomed into the world by a loving family.

Give Life a Chance. Because Life is Existence.

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