Saturday, January 2, 2016

Terrorist Love Hillary Clinton

      On December 19th during the Democratic one sided debate. Hillary Clinton announced that Donald Trump was the best recruiter for ISIS. That statement for one was amazing to me. If Muslims are the peaceful loving religion they claim to be then why would Donald Trump's call to pause immigration from Muslim nations be the best recruitment for ISIS? If there is no such thing as radical Islamic terrorist according to the left then why should we be concerned of so called peaceful Muslims joining the ranks of ISIS?

       Furthermore if we paused Muslim immigration then we shouldn't have anything to worry about. Surely if we paused immigration from Christian nations, Buddhist nations, Hindu nations, or even Israel there wouldn't be a mention of it from the leftist media. Or would there be a cause for alarm because Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Israel do not start strapping suicide vests to themselves seeking revenge on the country that pause or halted their immigration.

       What the media failed to realize or purposely failed to realize is Hillary Clinton on the night of the 19th admitted radical Islamic terrorism exists. By using Trump's call to pause Muslim immigration she said that was a recruitment for ISIS. Meaning that peaceful Muslims will be upset and join ISIS. Making the peaceful statement irrelevant as it doesn't exist.

       There are two types of Muslims moderates and radicals. The so called peaceful ones are moderates until the Muslim population of a region or country become a certain percentage of Islamic followers. Then the call for Sharia law and radicalization takes place. We see it now in Europe as the refugee farce is still taking place. This is how Islam conquers nations without taking a shot. Because they disguise themselves as a religion when they are an ideology.

       Christianity had the same period during the Dark Ages and Medieval times under the Catholic Church. The Church was more political than religious and controlled the kingdoms or Europe. Once the reformation occurred the Catholic Church lost most of it's political power. What we see happening is an ideology that hasn't had a reformation to pull itself out of the barbarian stages. With groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the list goes on, these terrorist organizations want to put Islam further down to a new Dark Age where women are property, children are raped, murdered, and technology or anything sparking progress is shunned.

      Hillary Clinton doubled down towards the end of the year citing that Donald Trump's statements were used in an ISIS video for recruitment. That was absolutely false as it was pointed out by journalist with integrity, but taken as gospel by the leftist media who desperately want Trump out of the race. Now however the terrorist group Al Shabaab (ties to Al Qaeda) who wasn't getting any of the ISIS spotlight decided to release a video with Donald Trump's statements. The leftist media of course are giddy because this means there is validity to Clinton's statements. However Clinton still lied because the group Al Shabaab took Clinton's suggestion and made the video after her false claims.
       Terrorist groups love and want Hillary Clinton to win the White House because it will mean a third Obama term. A weak leader that will screw up foreign policy more and more. To terrorist that means they can widen their spheres of influence and do what they will. The United States will do very little to stop it because of weak leftist leadership.

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